May 26, 2007

Drive Through Thimphu Town

Just a glimpse of the Thimphu Town picture taken while driving, the picture looks bit a shaky. The Thimphu town has taken a drastic change within a short duration of time with building and construction everywhere. The amount of people coming to Thimphu from rural has been a trend for a employment or a migration to a town life. The buzz and honk all around the Thimphu Town as the motorist has increased double compared to 5-6 years back. Someone would be wondering if you happen to be in Thimphu after a gap of two to three years with the changes that the Capital City of Bhutan has taken a toll.

It would be unfair for a civil servant who has a decent post in the office and not having a car to drive to office and back home, now a days, vehicle has became a necessity for all the people rather than a luxurious in the past. The kids and Children of the modern bhutan have been the most lucky as without a car they won't feel like moving out from the home, indeed car for youth has become the routine for them to take around the Thimphu Town alongside with a group of friend and girlfriend, one would be clear that if you have the car you are sure to get a girlfriend whatsoever the look you have and the smartness you possess.

A Cross Road in Motithang Area

Norling Cable System on top a Building

View of BBS Tower from Chubachu

Bhutan B-Mobile Tower Just fit into the Picture

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