April 23, 2007

Sangaygang: The Lovers Paradise in Thimphu

BBS Tower AKA Sangaygang which is located North West of the Thimphu Valley is the popular spot or famous for the dating and taking a walk around the blue pines, it's around miles drive from the Thimphu valley. The Places has the top hills which gives a clear view of the entire Thimphu valley in a nutshell and the feeling from there is just fantastic. Bhutan First Broadcasting Service BBS which runs the radio and television network in the Country has the largest tower built there. Though it is a restricted zone to entry the place during the night hours.

The place is ideally located uphills with good motor road to access across the hills, which gives elderly and sporty people a pleasure for a walk and jog uphills from the base area. Most people living in Thimphu get themselves shed few kilos of calories while giving themselves a hourly walk or jog towards the Tower place. As you go towards the BBS Tower, you get the chance to take the road or climb the steep slopes or take gentle steep and burn the fats of your body.

Sangaygany is the most heard place with the lovers around the Capital City of Thimphu, as the lovers and people of all kind rush towards the top of the hills, their feeling and sentiment changes watching the picturesque Thimphu Valley from a point as when in evening, you get to see the sun closest the Thimphu valley and the lovers or people just feel warmth inside their heart. Lovers from all junction comes there taking a ride with their loved one or some comes walking uphills keeping their vehicle parked in the base camp and chanting the lovers mantra. Perhaps the most lovers get their sweetheart towards the evening side. With increasing in the romance, most couples can be seen in and around sangaygang. The place has caught the attention of everyone hearts that if you are asking for a blind date, sangaygang has never been out of the mind for romantic people.

Indeed Sangaygang is never short of couples or people at any given time, people come their for joy ride whilst other to date and some give themselves a hard for their body to shed few calories. You go there, get yourself refresh from the office work or to ease the tension or just take your loved one or with family in cool evening of the Thimphu breeze. It is heard and rumors that sangaygang has become the lovers point for a newly couple to go out for their first date as when he boy or the girl ask for a date, sangaygang is the first and the foremost place where they prefer. This has become a trend in the Capital City where most people knows or have the knowledge of why a couples go there. Wouldn't that be a fun for anyone going for a blind date or taking your sweetheart.

Sangagyagng has attracted most of the people around when in holidays or weekend, they prefer to go there and have fun. Family gathered there for a lovely dry picnic and some photograph session .With the advent of romance, joy ride, walk or jog sangaygang has never let anyone to go without a smile on the face or the glimpse of the Beautiful Thimphu Valley.

Picturesque Thimphu Valley as seen from BBS Tower ( Aka Sangaygang)
Another View of Thimphu Valley from BBS Tower
The BBS Tower AKA Sangaygang View from Motithang in Thimphu

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Deepak Jeswal said...

Hi Ugyen, I had visited Bhutan earlier. I have some bitter sweet memories of the place.

Read them all here

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