April 6, 2007

Eating out in Bhutan : Swiss Bakery

Ever Wonder of Eating out and finding a popular meeting place Thimphu, why not take swiss bakery which is located in the heart of the Thimphu Town indeed Just above the Main Traffic, the popularity of swiss food are a doom amongst the bhutanese people and foreigner.

Most of the Bhutanese and Foreigner flock towards the Swiss Bakery for a cup of coffee and cakes. Indeed most Tourist visit the place !!

The famous Swiss bakery is the place for coffee and cakes where you can find good swiss food brand, the likes of swiss rool, chocolates, ├ęclairs and etc. The Hospitality of the host are awesome with regards to services and the guest attendant. The Swiss Bakery which is just a story building looks alike of a swiss house.

With the Emergence of modern era, most bhutanese people and children prefer to have the taste for swiss food especially the swiss rolls, chocolates and ├ęclairs and it has become a trend with most people to take cakes as gifts or present while meeting with the friend or family. The Swiss Bakery also provides cakes for celebrating special occasion and with bhutanese family and kids wanting to have their Birthday's celebrates with cakes and alike of western style, the demand for the swiss cakes has increased drastically. How fair would it be for a kids to have his/her birthday celebrates with or without a cake.

If you are going out with friend for a hot coffee and cakes, swiss bakery is the best place with seating capacity of around 15-20 people to accommodate.

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