May 24, 2007

Druk Boutique Hotel

Check out the new Druk Boutique hotel which is taking the sky of Thimphu Town, the 6 storied New Hotel has been into construction since 2005 and it's scheduled to finish within this year. The New feature that the hotel has is the underground parking for the vehicle which is first in Bhutan. The hotel is grade with the four star of five star standard and this will ease the tension of the visitor.

The hotel has other name as well, Druk Taj Hotel, and the hotel will be avail during the Coronation in 2008. With the increase in the arrival of tourist and visitor in bhutan and problem of lodge, the druk boutique will quench the need of Bhutan Travel Agents and Tour Operator who have been having the problem during the Tourist season in Bhutan.

Druk Boutique Hotel (Druk Taj Hotal)


cosmicdust said...

this thing is still under construction? oh man!

ugyen said...

hey cineylens,
well the hotel is still under construction, wonder when it is going to finish, looks good at the moment.

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