May 21, 2007

Bhutan Golf: Thimphu Golf Course Review

Thimphu Golf Course is the world most remote golf course which lies just next to Tashichodzong, the seat of His Majesty the King of Bhutan and other ministries, The Monastery body reside during summer season. Royal Thimphu golf course is the only course which is open to the public and interested players, How Golf was Introduced to Bhutan : Well talking about the golf in Bhutan, Golf in Bhutan is brought by An Indian Army officer in the early 1970s by convincing Bhutan's king to let him build a course on the fallow rice paddies adjacent to the Thimphu dzong which now has par 34, 2,800 yards.

During that time only few Indian and Bhutanese army officers along with few high rank government officials and businessmen took up golf in Bhutan. With the popularity amongst the elder and businessman, golf these days have plenty in numbers compared 50 and 100 in year 1980 and 2000 respectively. The Thimphu Golf Course stands a vast area covering from the Tashichodzong towards the Royal Court of Justice, the Thimphu golf course has many events and tournament organized throughout the year and some tournament are rolling trophy where it is played year after year, the most prized tournament/championship is sponsor by Indian Embassy which is called Maruti Open where the first prize is an indian Made care Maruti 800 cc. The other Events which includes are the Bhutan Open, the Druk Air Championship and the Yak Open.

Due to the popularity among high level and with few businessman only, there are not even a single shops where golf gears are sold in Bhutan whilst the players purchase the gears from outside countries when traveling abroad or purchase second hands from other players.

Golf Green of Thimphu, Tashichodzong in Background

View of Thimphu Golf Course, Chorten and a pool are seen too

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