May 26, 2007

Bhutan General Mock Elections on Monday

Bhutan General Mock Election will be held on monday 28th May.
Will you vote for the Druk Red Party for “industry-led development” or the Druk Yellow Party for “preservation of culture and tradition” on Monday, May 28?

Monday, polling day, will be a national holiday with all government, corporate and private establishments closed for the day. Ministry of trade and Industry has already issued a notification stating that all shops and businesses should not operate on poll day.

“This was recommended by the international observers for the primary round of mock elections and hopefully, the voter turn out would increase with this decision,” said the chief election commissioner, Dasho Kunzang Wangdi.

According to election commission officials, collection time for Cordycep (Yatsha Guenbub) has also been extended by the Agriculture ministry for registered voters from higher altitude areas to make up for the lost time for collection because of polling.

For the general elections on Monday, eligible registered voters can also use their citizenship ID cards, new or old, or a certificate of civil registration issued by the concerned dzongkhag administration if they have not received the Voter Photo Identity Card (VPIC). “This is just for the mock elections because for the real elections people should have the VPIC,” said chief election commissioner.

May 27 and 28 have also been declared as dry days and coming to the polling station in a state of inebriation is not allowed, according to election commission officials. Carrying any arms including a penknife, except by election security personnel, will be treated as an offense. [read more..]
Source: Kuensel

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