August 21, 2007

Thimphu Vegetable Market

How lucky would you be to visit the Thimphu Vegetable market which has been shifted near the Thimphu Rivers. The Vegetable Market has been placed there temporarily after the government undertook the construction of the old Vegetable Market in Sabji Bazzar. The Thimphu Vegetable Market is the biggest in terms of people coming to do shopping as farmer and rural people from all parts of the country come to sell their products. For farmers Thimphu Vegetable Market has boost the income as they get double and sometime triple price for the same product back in village.The residents of Thimphu depends on the market for basic needs.

For few Businessman, vegetable imports from Indian state of Jaigon has been an successful one. Nearly 70% of the vegetable sold in the Market are imported whilst the rest % comes from the rural village. The Markets busiest day would be on Friday though it starts from Thursday to Sunday every week.

Thimphu Vegetable Market

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hope the new market looks cleaner and better. This temporary market looks like the stereotypical third word shit. With half a billion in the foreign currency reserves, Bhutan can do much better.

akoo from tp

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