September 1, 2007

Echo Point : the place to Show your love to you Sweetheart

This Picture is taken from the Echo Point in Thimphu and if you are not aware of it, it is just above the Bhutan National Library in Kawajansa, The Echo Point lies Between the Road of Motithang and Zulakha, the point is just simple with a broader road for around 5-7 vehicle parking. It is believed by The Younger Generation of Bhutanese people that the point gives you echo back during night hours and most apparently, lovers who were dating newly goes to that point and show their love by Shouting "I Love You" and listening to the Echo as it Come "I I Love Love You You You", looks weird but beleive it, it is true.

Note : Thimphu Valley is surrounded by hills all around except for the south side, so definitely there should be Echo Waves coming. If you want to show your love to your loved one, try getting their at night hours and let the Thimphu City Be with your in expressing your Love Message "I Love You", or any other love phrases.

A Part of Thimphu Golf Green, The High Court of Bhutan with red roof on

Bhutan National Library with red Roof on

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