December 7, 2007

Bhutan Pictures : The Glimpse of the Modern Bhutan

The Other Day i was Going to Babesa and Semtokha for my Personal Work and i Manage to Click few Places and Buildings on the Way, Well This should Certainly be not of my Post rather than an Junk to fill my Routine to have a post with some crabs and crapzy picture. Although it is unfair for some people to see these pictures flying out Web but i feel it a rather and glimpse of what we Bhutanese have to show to outside world. For Instance, the Royal University Of Bhutan Head Office in Semtokha, the Oldest and First Dzong of Bhutan (Semtokha Dzong) Built by Zhabdrung Ngwang Namgyel in 1616 AD , These are some of the Pictures which tell itself the History and not to mention the Buddha Dordenma Project Which will built the Largest Shakyamuni Buddha Statue in The World. I would Rather keep on blah .. blah blah .

I Send my Appreciation to all my Friends in Linda (Indonesia) Ugyen (ugyugyugy), Akoo (Thunderboltpost), Smdrs, Bhandarrr, Champagne (Bangkok - Thailand), Arcibald (Philippines), KC (Nippon), Cineylens (Thailand) Koukinobaaba (Japan) and Other regular Readers. Thank You So Much!!!

Semtkha Dzong - The First Fortress Built in Bhutan

Another View of Semtokha Dzong - Thimphu City Seen in Background

Royal University of Bhutan Head Office (RIM, Semtokha)

Bhutan First Fly Over Nearing to an Completion

The Mountain Where the World Largest Buddha Statue will be Built

Thimphu City View from Semtokha Valley

Royal University Of Bhutan

Another View of the Fly Over Over Babesa Express Way


Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

So, you have a university. How many faculties you have? I am really interested!! I hearc that a lot of Bhutanese princes and people go to University in Thailand. A prince at Chula but I never see him.

Your shots are perfect. The sunlight makes me miss Seoul. I really miss such a sunlight in Seoul and one day I hope to touch it in Thimpu.

Thanks for posting beautiful pictures because I can't use the digital camera and that's why I don't like taking or being taken photo.

I don't look good every time in camera.



arcibaldo said...

wonderful pictures you've posted. bhutan appears more different as you post more pictures.

about the house paintings in your previous post, i remember taking pictures of houses in paro when i noticed the phalus paintings found in almost every house. i was told it was to drive away the evil spirits. but it was very interesting. although it did made me wonder if there could be a female counterpart house painting.

i was also told about the biggest buddha to be built in thimpu. with the beautiful sunrise and sunset in thimpu, the buddha will look splendid. i just pray i'll still get to see it.

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

Wow. arcibald have ever been to Bhutan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Champagne,
Well We Have University which Started Last year or Before Last year But The Things is that It's Not An UNIV Where YOu have student studying but the building is head office where Different Institute and Training Center in Bhutan Have Affiliation, I like Being Taking Photograph and it has become my Passion lately.

hey Arcibald, Where are you man? I hope you are not in Bhutan, Well The Pallaus is indeed an Driver of Evil Spirit which most Bhutanese House have - You Will find plenty in Bumthang Valley and am not sure of the Female One !!

I am Looking forward to the Buddha Statue and the project has Started off with the Base/ Foundation being Dug Up. Anwyay Thanks Guys for Your thoughts which make me feel like putting some more Pictures.
All The Best

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...


It seems that you are enthusiastic with the Buddha Statue. I am also Buddhist and I really love Bhutanese Tanga (paint picture) I have one Sangje tanga in my study.

You are Engineer?? I guess because you go the hill to survey the project



prad said...

great work!!... as usual... its good that you are such a keen photographer ... some of your pics are really wallpaper-worthy[:)]

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

I wonder how Bhutanese people continue their undergraduate education because Ugyen said there was no university in Bhutan. That means those who want to continue have to go outside the country.

I have a lot of questions: how about your food? I heard that you eat chilli with cheese?? Most Bhutanese are vegetarian?? Your food is like Indian food??

Anonymous said...

Hey prad,
Thanks Buddy For your Thought, Well I am trying to learn few Camera Tricks and tips, Hopefully I could Brig Out some Good one,

Champagne, I Don;t Mind if someone wants to know about my COuntry, Well You can Certainly Ask thousand Question, Will Try my Best to Reply you. Well Most Bhutanese Go Outside for Further Studies Unless they get into Some Institues in Bhutan After 12, And yea We Do Have only One Degree University Which is in Eastern Part of Bhutan and can accommodates 1000 STudent or so, So Most Student Go Outside for Studies.

About Food : Bhutanes are born to eat Chillies and Cheese (Emadatsi)The Famous cuisine of Bhutan Made from Cheese and Chilly Only. I am Not Sure how Many % of Bhutanese are Vegetarian But Most Bhutanese Eat Meats - WIthout Meats, No Food Taste(Lol). But I am not A vegetarian Though - Eat All Edible Flesh Expect that Fried Grash Hopper found in Bangkok Street :-) !!!!

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

You say you eat meat. That is Yak meat?? dou you eat Sampa like Tibetan??

What does Dasho mean? Is it a title for men only?

Why Bhutanese always say "Dorji"? In a session of GNH meeting some Bhutanese told me that Big Gaecko in Bhutan cry "Dorji" "Dorji"

What is the name of University in the Eastern??

SMDers said...

Can anybody come up with the most suitable full form of B.H.U.T.A.N? For me BHUTAN is:
B = Beauty
H = Has
U = Unique
T = Taste
A = And
N = Nature

and also
B = Beautiful Bhutan
H = Has
U = Unique
T = Tradition
A = And
N = Nature
What do you think about my full form of BHUTAN? Please share of your ideas with as well.

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

What do you call your national costume for men and women??


ugyen said...

SMDers - Thanks you SO Much for your Definition of Bhutan, Just Made a Post of it - DUH!! My Internet SUcks Now, Couldn't Upload the Pictures Today. Anyway Tomorrow - Will do That

Hey Champagne,
Thanks for your comment, We do Eat Yak Meat and it's One of the Best Meat - SO Delicious , I Have no idea about Sampa, Sorry for That Now.

Well dasho is Title for Government High Offical which holds Higher Post and it is referred both to Gender.haha well I don't know about the Dorji Term in GNH - But the Most popular Name we Find in Bhutan is Dorji.

The University in Eastern is Called Kanglung College !!!

Well About The Custom : For Men we Called "Gho" and For Women We Call "Kira", Well I am To Do a Post on our Custom as well Soon.

arcibaldo said...

hi ugyen. no i'm not in bhutan. by the way, i did reply to your comment in my blog. hopefully i'll be back there this january or february to finish some work. i'm in the philippines right now. had a small glass of ara, and it is becoming stronger after time.

also check this photo in my multiply site...
we brought a bottle of your whiskey and it's really strong.

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

I think Sampa is buckwheat something. Tibetan mix it with tea and make a bun to eat.

I read from the Hero with thousand stars that Bhutanese also eat it.


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