May 18, 2007

Thimphu City View from Semtokha

I got this picture of Thimphu City which is taken from the Semtokha valley, the Thimphu City looks beautiful with ridge and hills over the main town where Thimphu Rivers/Chhu flows down stream. As you can see the Thimphu valley get extend from the North to South with Many new Buildings are being constructed and the Babesa Express Road nearly in completion.

With the Increase in the Numbers of people coming to Thimphu looking for a job or shelter, housing has been the problem and government decision to have Changji housing project which is almost completed has solved the problem to an extent only. The Thimphu City Will be extended further from the Existing towards the end of Babesa covering almost whole of Olakha, Semtokha.

Thimphu City moves Further down the Babesa
Thimphu City View from Semtokha, the hills on top of Thimphu City All Around

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Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! I have never been to Bhutan, but will visit soon.

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