January 30, 2007

Thimphu, the Capital City of Bhutan

I was just wondering if i could post some picture of our Capital, Thimphu which is located in the western part of the Bhutan. It's just wonderful place and is surrounded by hills and can see the mountains as well. Thimphu has been the Most Populated Place in the Bhutan as All the Government Ministry if here and it's. Kind and Queen of Bhutan Lives in Thimphu as well. A very picturesque place.

The Traffic Policeman controls the Main Traffic in Thimphu

People for all over Bhutan come to Thimphu, and apparently Thimphu is the only Capital City in the world where there is no Traffic Lights to diverts the Vehicles movement, it' just unique as the main Traffic Center is function by the Traffic Police which is simply awesome. There are lot's of shop in Thimphu selling foreign goods especially imported from Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh and India.

There is only clock tower located just below the heart of Thimphu city which is about 25 Meters height, and it's surround is park with Prayers wheel as well.

Night Life in Thimphu is interesting as there are couple of Party hall and karaoke place where people come for fun. The party usually happen on Wednesday's, Friday and Saturday.

Here below the picture of Thimphu

The Clock tower Located just below the heart of Thimphu

Prayer wheel in Clock tower
A view of Mountain in the Background

A Barber Shop Located Just below Main Traffic

A Modern Sports shop in Thimphu (all imprted goods from Bangkok)

Another Picture of Policeman

Photo Studio near the Main Traffic

A Pan Shop (Small)

Archery the National Game of Bhutan

A Young Boy does part time Job by selling Momo(a snacks made of flour and vegetable inside it)

A Popular Videos rental Shop

A Goldsmith at work

A Foreign Car(Toyota) which ply in Bhutan

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