February 29, 2008

Thimphu Vegetable Market Pictures

I hope Everyone Had a wonderful time looking at the 28th Birth Anniversary of 5th King of Bhutan Celebration Pictures. Well Here you go now..the Pictures which apparently Akoo (Thunderboltpost) has suggested me, but lately got the wrong pictures of his Suggestion. And Ugyenla, a devoted friend had been insisting me to put the Pictures way back, but i have to withheld for sometime to let everyone have a glimpse of the Celebration Pictures. Troublesome pictures --- here they are. This Pictures Visualize the Shopping done By Akoo and Ugyenla. Great Shopping Guys !!!

P.S - Postcards sent for For those who have requested it.

I was Going To Shopping - My Way down the Thimphu Vegetable Market

On the Way towards the Vegetable Market

Rural People from Laya come to sell Bhutanese Local Made Incense

The way Entrance to the Vegetable Market

And Bhutanese Chili Powder, Eapachi (Local Name) Bhutanese Can't Live Without This

Beautiful Bhutanese Girls selling Vegetables

And here you go - Bhutanese And the Chillies (Dried Chillies)

Local Cheese and Butter for sale

Tired of Shopping, Enjoy the Thimphu River Flow

Vegetables Imported from India

Getting into the Main Vegetable Stall

Imported Vegetable from Indian

Local Made Bhutanese Incense Made from Bulu Sulu (Local Name), Can be found only in Higher Altitude

Bulu Sulu
Dried Yak Cheese (Haap Ruto), a Famous Product from Haa (District), This Dried Cheese serves the Purpose of Chewing Gum for Bhutanese People in Past and Present
Dried Cheese Garland

Betel Nuts and Betel Leaves Corner

Cheese, Butter, Chili Powder

Khuru (Local Name) a Traditional Game Equipment

Cheese Garland On Display In Fencing

That Was An Awesome Shopping Guys !!! One Week Shopping for My Home.


SMDers said...

Hi! Ugyen,

So, you finally did it, huh?

Some very nice pictures from the vegetable market. Well done and thank you very much for sharing them with us. I miss the churbi so much. And I like one of the photos, in particular. lol...

Thank you very much for keeping Bhutan with us.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ugyen,
I was Lill Bit busy with My work so i couldn't post it earlier, anyway i know which Picture you like :-) ,
P.S : DUH!! All my Postcards were still in post office and had not gone out, actually the free postage was within Bhutan and not for International, I could retrieve only two postcards from the Post Office Today out of 8 Postcards i have Mailed. I have to re-send New Postcards tomorrow or on Monday. Didn't knew that it was within Bhutan.

Have a great weekend, See ya some other time

SMDers said...

Hi! Ugyen, worry not about the postcard. I can wait for years to get something which is worth receiving. By the way, my count said the number of photos from HM 28th birthday celebration is 110, which you might have already found out.

I look forward to receiving the postcard of HM Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk.

Cheers Ugyen:)

arcibaldo said...

nice pictures ugyen.
so most vegetables in thimpu are imported from india?

Anonymous said...

In your previous reply to my post you mentioned that you didn't have access to a camera. Please let me know if you need a camera. I think I may be of help here and you could be of help to me. contact me via the thunderboltpost.com contact us page

Anonymous said...

Wow Bhutan looks like a great place to visit! Thanks for posting your great pics, I'm gonna have to make my way to your country some day. Cheers!

ugyen said...

Hello Angelo,
Thanks for your comment, you are most welcome in Bhutan. Please Feel free to contact me if you need any help or information or just browse the blogs for Bhutan Information


ao said...

to ugyen dorji I dont know who you are ?but pigmeup pigmeup!!!!!Iwant goto the market to buy a box of mango drink.
I want to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!

ao said...

hello prince dont upset me !! just !!!! I want to drink a box of mango drink get me please.

ugyen said...

Hello Ao,
Who Are you?? , Well I Would Love to Pick you Up and go to The Market to Buy Mango Drink. And Who Is the Lucky Prince of yours, :-)

Anyway, Thanks for the Comment, Give me a buzz if you need any help


Unknown said...

Can you update more about vegetable in local name and season too.

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