May 14, 2008

Changlimithang Ground - Bhutan 2008 Monarchy Celebration Ground

Just a Quick Look at the Latest Development in the Changlimithang Stadium - The Gallery Stand is almost Finished, The Main Ground Looks Green.


SMD Alumni said...

Uuuuhuhuhu!!!!!!.... This looks beautiful now. Is the construction suppose to be at this stage by now? How promising is it that the stadium will be ready by the end of this month?

Thanks for your initiative, Ugyen.


ugyen said...

Hey Ugyen,
Well It is looking beautiful now, the Ground has really come up good. I am not sure whether it will be ready by this month end or not.

Anyway How was your exam, hopefully good mosh.

SMD Alumni said...

Hey Ugyen! I am still writing my exams. I will be finished by next friday. These three weeks will be the worst part of my life, seriously. Anyways, the worst will be over soon.
Yeah, the ground does look in a good shape. I shouldn't miss the official coronation of our fifth King, which is taking place on that ground, by any chance. So any further information about the coronation? I thought the website was being updated, but it wasn't the case.
Anyways, talk to you again. Thanks for keeping Bhutan with us.
Peace Ugyen:)

Ugyen Namgyel said...

great job Ugyen. I am glad to see atleast on major infrastructure project in Bhutan come up quite well. who are the contractors? Please keep up with the pictures.

Bhutanese Blogger said...

Thanks for the pictures. I have been wanting to see the progress.

The stadium looks good and we will not have to forgo our next worldcup qualifiers (which we did because of lack of a home stadium for the 2010 stadium)..

We should be able to host some good games.

arcibaldo said...

wow, it's almost complete. hopefully i can still see this site and watch some games played there someday.

ugyen said...

Hey bhutaneseblogger,
Thanks for the comment, cool blog mate... the stadium looks just awesome and i am waiting for ut to finish and see how wonderful it looks with mountains and hills surrounding. Hopefully.. a world cup qualifier match!!!

I would sure to bring few photo if the games happen to be played. Not to miss a chance to hang camera over the shoulder.

SMD Alumni said...

Hey! Ugyen,

Looks like you are quite busy these days, huh? Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I have dedicated a song for you on in the programme called "With love from home". I hope you will enjoy the song. Do keep on updating us if you get the time, please.


MOBIUS said...

Hi,succesfull blog. I added you to my list. I'll follow you :)
Warm Regars from Turkey

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate that there will be a new stadium, as I love Bhutan since I´ve been there once. Investments always means growth and hopefully it will help Bhutan! The environment just looks awesome, but here in Germany we have more beautiful stadiums in my eyes:)
Kind regards

Unknown said...

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