February 15, 2008

Updates on the Changlimithang Ground

When Bhutan Unveils it's Newest and The Most Dynamic Stadium to be ever Built in the Himalayan Kingdom. The Stadium which will Host the "Bhutan 2008 Centenary Celebration" - The Coronation of the Fifth Druk Gyalpo of Bhutan - His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk, Celebrating the 100th Years of Monarchy. As of Now The the Stadium Gallery and the Royal Pavilion is Almost Near to it's Completion. The Main Ground is being filled with Fine Soil and a Source Say that the Grass will Be Laid Soon. Just Got the Latest Development Pictures of the Changlimithang Ground - Want to be the Part of the Celebration!!! - Click Here for More Information

Changlimithang Ground - Thimphu Bhutan
Gallery Stand Almost Done!!

Changlimithang Ground


Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures of the new stadium. I surprised at how it's turned out much better than I expected it to be. I was afraid that they would botch it up just like they've botched up every major infrastructure project in Bhutan. I love the simple metal railing/fence design. Please post more taken from the opposite angle.

SMDers said...

Nice pics, Ugyen! Thank you bery much for putting them up indeed. Really enjoyed them. But when is it going to be finished completely, any expected date? And have you found out when the coronation of the 5th King is, yet? I should guess it must be pretty soon, no? Anyways, do keep on updating us with what's happening in Bhutan. Your initiation is more than much appreciated. Thanks once again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a Lot, Just Posted the Pictures you looking for, Couldn't get from the Other angle, May Be Later.

I have no idea about the dates of the Coronation, Most Probably it would be soon. Will Updates on that When Govt Make Public Announcement.

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