April 9, 2007

Early Morning View of Changlimithang Ground

As the Works gears up in the Changlimithang Ground, just thought would get some picture of the latest development in the making of the Stadium for the 100 years of Monarchy Celebration. The Construction works has been going for about months and it's divided into many parts with people engaged in different section.

With the weather condition of Thimphu unpredictable and the frost still get into the tender leaves of the young sprouting grass, life does makes it hard for the worker to starts the work early morning. The morning sun rays hit the Thimphu Valley early morning in the hilly area facing west and south. The mountain and hilly area just get a bright flash before it descend towards the Thimphu Valley.

The weather condition in the day is just perfect for a sigh seeing in and around Thimphu town. As the day get closest in the evening, the places get bit of coldness with not much ache on skins. The summer season has started here in Thimphu valley.

Side View of the Changlimithang Stadium,see the far Extension

Workers Get their hands warmed up before the work

Early Morning View of Changlimithang Ground

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