October 1, 2007

Changlimithang Stadium Updates : The Centenary Celebration Ground for 2008

Well, it's been so long since i updated on the progress of the Stadium which is being constructed in the Changlimithang Ground for the Centenary Celebration and Coronation of Fifth King of Bhutan, His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk in 2008. There has been lot of changes in the field and in the construction of the Stadium as The Gallery Stand has come up at tall, people have been working really hard to make the One of the Only Stadium in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

The Construction also saw the first Crane being used to transport the Materials to the Construction site

Since there has been phenomenal changes in the construction of the stadium, i have latest pictures of the Construction and the gallery stand.

Changlimithang Ground Stadium

Top View of Changlimithang Ground Stadium

Bhutan Royal Pavilion and the VIP Gallery

Changlimithang Ground Stadium Gallery

VIP Gallery

Crane being used 1st time in Bhutan during Construction

Lower Part of the Changlimithang Stadium Gallery

Stay Tuned for More Upadates


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear God! That looks awful!!! The construction mess. For a brighter and better Changlimithang mosh?

Long time no see. I had to be away like forever, but i think i am back now, so i just wanted to say "hello" to you again. And thank you. You always took the time off to drop me a line when you could. Kadinchey. :-))

Anonymous said...

wow, this is great. I didn't know that they started using construction cranes in Bhutan. It's a good step forward, since cranes will really help speed up construcution

Unknown said...

nice pics - and thanks for the ping back to my site (http://2008.bhutan-360.com), but i accidentally deleted it because i am new with wordpress and i didn't know what a ping back was. Thanks anyway

ugyen said...

Hey KC, Thanks for dropping a line, it has been long since i could make my own post, actually i was kindda busy with other work, did see your blog... and would make it time and again.

Akoo(Anonymous), Is that You, well certainly i did see first time a crane being used in Bhutan, it does speed up the Work. I am really Fascinated by the Project with the Ground, can't wait to see when it is completed. And gelay, well Thanks buddy for the line, i did check your blog.. looks cool, hope you have wonderful post and article. Anyway All the best with your blog.

Guys.. Keep working!!!! o_o

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