April 24, 2007

Building the Bhutan 100 years Centenary Celebration Stadium

Hi All,
A week break for me and this blog been quite for while. I decided to get few picture of the Changlimithang Ground which covers the most of my blog post. Well if you are new to this blog, just a news for all that this blog is dedicated to the Bhutan2008 the 101 years of monarchy in the Kingdom of Bhutan. The Year 2008 will be a Centenary Celebration which all the Bhutanese people and foreigner will be remembering the Bhutan Monarchy and all the Kings of Bhutan.

As the preparation works for the celebration of Bhutan Monarchy in the year 2008 started in Thimphu, this blog will guide you in getting the Historical Changlimithang ground built for the celebration.

At the Moment, works has been pretty much the same except for the walls and the gallery stand which has come up pretty much in the height. The Work has started on the other gallery stand next to the Historic Royal Pavilion. The old building which is next to the Ground is under renovation too. Keep yourself update with this blogs (Visit Bhutan 2008) about the Changlimithang Ground which will be a Grand Stadium in the next few months, and other interesting stuffs about Bhutan.

The Old Building Get Renovated as well for the Historic 100 years Celebration

The Historic Royal Pavilion view from the Changlimithang Ground

View of Gallery Stand from Royal Pavilion End

The Gallery Stand under construction for the 00 years Bhutan Monarchy Celebration
Gallery Stand Construction underway in Changlimithang Ground

1 comment:

arcibaldo said...

i was told that they're building the largest buddha in thimpu and they're finishing it in time for the celebration next year. i'm not sure how true this is but it's foretelling that next year will truly be a big celebration in your country.

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