December 2, 2007

Changlimithang Ground Updates - The Centenary Ground

I wasn't Much Surprised with the Kind of Development that is happening in the Changlimithang Ground. The Work Seems to be going smooth. The Real Changes was the Clearing of the Main ground and the Coming up of the VVIP Gallery Stand - I am Still Waiting for the Stadium To Finish - This will be Bhutan First Stadium with Gallery Stand

The Changlimithang Gallery Stand

Bhutan Bhutan Butan - Bhuttan

Bhutan's Royal Pavilion

Bhutan Royall Pavilion and the VVIP Pavilion


AnalĂ­a said...

Oh my, 2008 is around the corner and I haven't saved a penny yet for my ticket! Oh I have an idea!You should implement a raffle with only one number so I win for sure hehe.
Beautiful pictures my friend. What a lovely place is Bhutan.
I hope you're doing fine.

SMDers said...
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SMD Alumni said...

By when is the stadium expected to be finished? Isn't it next year's national day when the official coronation of the 5th King is going to take place and the 100 years of monarchy is going to be celebrated?

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

Last week a conference on GNH held in Bangkok at the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn Uni. I am a lecturer and Ph.D. candidate there. I am really interested in Tibetan language, which my Professor can speak. I am very eager to join the Himalayan Linguistics community. I am really interested in Bhutanese dialect.

I will try to study your language


Anonymous said...

HI Analia,
Well 2008 Is Just SHort of a month and you still have not planned your Trip (Just Kidding ) ANyway Thanks for the Comment and i would soon send you the Raffle if I happen to be the Winner :-)

Bhandarrrrrrr, I am Not sure when it will complete but the Coronation is Just closing By and Would Happen Sometime in the Mid 2008 (Not SUre)ANyway Will try an find out the Dates and will keep updating it. Thanks for Your regular Visit.

Champagne : You Got Nice Blog Though, Well you are Most Welcome to Join the Himalayan Society and learn about it, ANytime - Hope We Could Help you learn Our Language :)

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

Oh! you already visited my blog. Thanks because I rarely update it. Now I am busy with my Ph.D. and my students. I have a lot of classes to teach. The Korean language is also very difficult. next year I will start learning Tibetan with some Tibetan friend.

By this weekend, some Bhutanese films will be featured in Bangkok, organized by Bhutan Embassy in Bangkok.

So exciting to see Bhutan people in their national costume

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

How about the bookstores in Thimpu. Are there a lot of books, especially Tibetan Grammar in English? How about the price? what do you call your language? Tibetan or Bhutanese??

SMD Alumni said...

Browsing the internet on Bhutan is the best moment of my life here. Seeing Bhutan developing and doing well in preserving it's unique culture and tradition always make me feel proud of my own country. I can't express myself how much I miss my country. I must be the only one who is missing Bhutan so badly. I am feeling much closer and I am too much into Bhutan on even though I am away. May be this is because I have been living away from Bhutan for so long. Anyways, do keep on bringing me back to Bhutan. I look forward to seeing more of your updates.
Thanks Ugyen:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne), Thanks for Sharing your Interest, Well We have Our own National language which is called Dzongkha and it's different from Tibetean Language Though Our Language Originate from The Tibetean, There are Goods Books Available in Book Store Learning Bhutanese Languages and it cost around USD $ 20 and above.

Oh!! Bhandarrr - I am sure you are Not only the one who is missing Home Badly, There are couple of people who missed home a lot, anyway You did Inspire me to Keep Updating this Blog - at one time i thought would put a Full Stop - Anyway Will try and get the Pictures of Our Beautiful Country, And Well Check my latest post on some of the Unique Painting that would be seen on any bhutanese houses - a Traditional Value Indeed. Thanks A Lot for dropping by.

SMDers said...

Thanks for your words and the new posts, Ugyen. They are really beautiful. And don't you worry about this blog is getting boring. You are not making this boring at all but you have the most beautiful blog in the world. Please do keep up your great job by keeping our beautiful Bhutan close to me. Your great job is very much appreciated.
Cheers and Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Hi ugyen,
Great job with the photos especially the one of the flyover in thimphu. I hope they do a better job on it than the the did with horrible expressway. Hopefully dantak ins not work on it. Anways, it looks very good.

ugyen said...

Thanks Buddy for your Kind words, well indeed i will try keep as much pictures i have, i should be putting all the Wonderful Pictures of Bhutan from every bites of corner,

And Anonymous, Well i am not sure of the Flyover Contract but i am excited about it to - looks pretty much a good one at the moment. Will Keep an eye on it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures Ugyen!
The girl beside the Bumpa would be best cropped out of the pic, though :) to avoid distraction.

Looking at these pictures make me think about my previous lives...

Thanks for sharing with everyone on the Net.

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