February 14, 2008

Druk Taj Hotel Pictures - The First Five Star Hotel Of Bhutan

Well, Someone Just Knocked My Eyes off and yeah The Other fellow just remind me to post the Latest Pictures of The Taj Tashi Hotel which is located in the Heart of the Thimphu, Capital of Bhutan. The Hotel has 66 Rooms (Source). Taj Tashi Hotel is Unique which Truly Reflect the Rich Tradition and Architecture of the Bhutan with it's design. Guys - Sorry I couldn't get the Pictures of Hotel's Interior as the Hotel Management have Restricted for time being - May Be I can Take Few Clean Shot later when the Hotel Management allows.

The Majestic Taj Tashi Hotel
"Taj Tashi, a joint venture of the Tashi Group of Companies and Taj Leisure Hotels, India, opens in the capital today to become the country’s first five-star hotel.
The Taj Tashi-Bhutan, a 66-room hotel including 9 suites, with dramatic hand-painted walls provides the perfect foothold for a visitor to discover Bhutan’s many wonders.
Reflecting Bhutan’s rich heritage and architecture, the hotel maintains a delicate balance of traditional Bhutanese design with contemporary elegance.
The rooms offer a majestic view of mountains surrounding Thimphu valley and inside guests will find every modern comfort and facility – from the spa to swimming pool, elegant conference facilities and multi-cuisine dining – in a setting that retains the charm and artistic sensibilities of Bhutan’s art and culture.
Guests can savor traditional Bhutanese cuisine at the specialty restaurant known as Chig-ja-gye (hundred and eight), reflect on the day’s experience at Rimps – the airy tea lounge, or enjoy a drink at Ara – the bar.
“The Tashi Group has embarked on an ambitious project of having the finest hotels in Bhutan. This association with the Taj Hotels is the first step in that direction. We remain committed toward promoting the best that Bhutan has to offer and are confident that this long-term partnership with Taj Hotels will enhance our efforts in marketing this unique destination,” said Wangchuk Dorji, vice chairman of the Tashi Group of Companies." Read More (Source - Bhutantimes.com)

Giant Butter Lamp In front of the Hotel

Main Entrance

Side view of the Taj Tashi Hotel
The Taj Tashi Hotel


arcibaldo said...

so they finally finished building the hotel. i still remember seeing it under construction. and it does look good and look very pricey.

SMD Alumni said...

Hi! Ugyen,

Thank you very much for fulfilling my wishes indeed. I will take this post as if you added just for me. I was dying for this as you knew very well.

Anyways, it looks like there is another big day waiting for this blog to be even more colourful, don't you think so? I look forward to seeing everything what happens on february the 21st through this blog. Please make sure you don't miss it by any chance.

That's all for now. Thank you once again and do keep up your great job.


Anonymous said...

Hey Arcibald,
Well The Hotels is Almost Finishing and it's Functional at the Moment, I saw few people working in and out of the Hotels, Yet To Complete.

Hi Ugyenla

Well I Was Supposed to Float the Pictures of the Taj Tashi Wayback and couldn't but you remind me do it and am glad that at least i could provide the Hotel exterior pictures at the Moment, will put up the Interior Hotel Pictures later in a Package. February 21st will be an Important Day in Bhutanese Calender and I am Not Sure whether i can Get the Pictures and Story of the Day, But I Will Try my Best to Keep My Valuable Readers Updates. Hope i Get a Camera.
Thanks a lot for your Kind Support and Suggestion in Keeping this Blog Alive.

Anonymous said...

wow... wonderful pictures. thank you so much for posting them. These the best pictures of the hotel. Looks like there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but I am sure they'll get to it. Kinda of annoyed at them for not letting you take pictures inside. Hope this doesn't become of those places where they only allow and worship foreigners while regular Bhutanese are treated with disdain.
it would be a real shame then.

SMDers said...

I look forward to seeing what is it like inside the hotel. In regards to the forthcoming big day i.e. 21st February, see what you can and can't do and do what you think is the best, there's no any pressure from me, my friend. I am justhoping to see some pics of the march-pass, dances, cham and the most importantly some shots of His Majesty, you know? And remember, they don't have to be perfect, clear or close-up shots, you know? Ok, I shall leave you on your own here now. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

Take care and Thanks for making us live back in our Beautiful Bhutan.

Rangchen Drukgi Gyelkhap!


Anonymous said...

There are Couples of Minor Works which are yet to be finished and for me the hotel just look wonderful. Hahah, regarding the Photography, i am not sure why they are keeping, may be they wanted to show when everything is ready.

Thanks a lot for your comment and as usual you have been helping me too come up with different stories and post - Kadrinchey!! I am Planning to do a small coverage on the 21st February and hopefully i get some shots of the celebration, I am not sure whether i can Take Pictures of Our His Majesty, if i get chance i would take few.

Have a Great Weekend Both of You!!

Tashi Delek

arcibaldo said...

how much do you think it will cost to stay there?

ugyen said...

I have no idea about it, i guess it will be expensive, I did Check TashiDelek Magazine where they have features the Taj Tashi Hotel Review and there is nothing saying about the Pricing. Will Do another post on Taj Tashi Later on when i get an opportunity to take some of the Interior Pictures.

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