August 8, 2007

Tshenden Hotel : The Quality Hotel in Gelephu

Have you ever been to Gelephu, if so did you ever get a glance to look for a good hotel to stay on, Gelephu being bordered with Indian State of Assam has lot of Indian Hotel, A few Bhutanese Hotel where they serves you with the Bhutanese dishes and flavor, the "Ema Datshi", the original recipe of Bhutan, Phaksha Paa, Sikam and lot more. One would be in a mood to enjoy the Indian Dishes Especially Thali which is becoming popular amongst the Bhutanese people staying in Thimphu. Tshenden Hotel enjoy the rare beauty of a true Bhutanese cuisine serves and the hotel has actually got the facilities of AC Rooms with other facilities, the hotel has been the focus for the higher people and for a peaceful sleep in hot weather of Gelephu.

The hotel which lies in the far end of the Gelephu Town in the newly constructed three storyed building function with ground floor operate by the shopkeepers who has a Whole Sale Garments Shop, the Hotel actually runs second and third floor, the second floor house all the hotel management office, a front desk and counter, spacious dinning room and a conference hall as well. The main attraction of the hotel has been the cleanness's and the service. Tshendhen hotel menu's has been rich with all sort of delicious non-vegetarian and vegetarian items, off all the items, pork datshi has been my favorite and i had a non stop flight of three full plate of rice. The Chef has the excellent piece of talent in luring the food into a grand delicious feast. Their Catering Service which was rated as best in the Gelephu region for the quality of food and the service.

The rooms are different in size and the rates as a suite with an AC cost around USD $ 15 and double Bed cost around $10, out of 9 rooms, one with AC and other 4 more double and 1 triple bed with 3 singles to accommodate two person easily. For anyone who want to feel a homely, Tshenden hotel would be the right choice.

The Rooms Notice to Customers

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