February 8, 2008

Hotels in Thimphu - Tourist Hotels and Accommodation In Thimphu

I Was Walking down the Thimphu Street last time and could capture few Shots of Hotels Amongst The Hotel Pedling, Hotel Taktsang, Wangchuk Hotel. This Hotel are Tourist Class and Grade according to the Standard of the Service. (More Images of Hotel Coming Soon)

Picture of Hotel Taktsang Entrance - Based in Thimphu

Hotel Pedling Pictures

Pictures of Wangchuk Hotel - Thimphu Based


SMDers said...

Hi! Ugyen, nice pictures of some very good hotels in Thimphu, I really must say. Do you think you can also take some pics of Taj Tashi Hotel, which has been just completed from all the directions, please? If you could do that, it will be much appreciated. The reasons for that is I want to see what it is like and show to some of my friends so that I can convince how beautiful our Bhutan is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Smders,
Will Try and Get the Hotel Pictures Soon - I Am left Without a Camera At the Moment. I have been wanting to post in my blog.

arcibaldo said...

how much are the room rates usually in these hotels?

Anonymous said...

It's Reasonable Man - Around 1000 Nu to 1400 Depending on the Type of Rooms.

arcibaldo said...

thanks. it is reasonable although staying in guesthouses i think is cheaper but also offers good rooms.

ugyen said...

Sorry Man - Didn't See the Comment, I guess some Guest House have good Facilities and yeah it is reasonable compared to other Hotels.

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