May 29, 2009

Archery: The True Bhutanese Passion

Ever Wonder why you find archery game or archer playing any places, be in near the field or beside road or in a designated archery ground. This of course is fact that Archery is Bhutan National Game and people of all ages play. Today I have been passing by Paro Town on a official work and saw people gathered around the Archery Field Located just few meters from Paro Town. My interest in the archery was not at ll like you like the soccer, Basketball, Cricket games or other sports.

Archer Aiming for the Bull's Eye (Not a Joke)

But it was a tournament called *Three Teams Tier* organized by Mr. Ugyen Dorji from paro district and it has the same rule as of the Famous Yangphel Archery Tournament which by far people regards it as the Prestigious Tournament in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Not a bad start for this tournament as they have 36 registered teams playing in the tournament. Interestingly the organizer has sorted player based on their past Performance and are seeded into *A* and *B* where each team which consist of 5 players are not to have more than one *A* seeded players and if they doesn't have then they are allowed to have at least 2 *B* seeded players in a team.

The Points and the Score Board During the Match
A Maximum of 15 rounds per game where three teams play against each other and the one who tops goes through the next round. The tournament has come to a closer stage and teams playing today are eying for a place in Semi Final berth where they will be competing against other top two teams, i was shock to here from Mr. Ugyen Dorji the Organizer that there will be three semi final played amongst the 9 best teams, out of which 8 teams have to make through playing against other team and a lucky one final Berth so called *Joker* will be included based on their team performance during the entire tournament.

Players Celebrates the Karey from their Team Mates

The rules is just simple for the Joker Team to qualify for the semi final, upon calculating the Numbers of Karey (Hits) by the team and that too on the Bulls eyes and later same team have same bulls eyes then they decide on the Maximum karey. To book a place in final, the 8 team and a joker will have to be decided on lucky dip and sorted into three groups. The top team from each group will be qualified for the final show down which will be played on 7th June 2009, so in this case, the final will have three teams competing against each other and the one who comes on top after 15 rounds will win the tournament. Interesting isn’t it? Lucky that the rules is as simple as like Archer hitting the bull’s eyes.

This is what i called an Compound Bow Tournament

And How About Aiming with an Eye Closed (Nice Try)

This Foreigner was full focus on the Archer that he forget to take his Shot

This People Does Enjoy the Archery Game (Good Work)

And Finally The Sequences of an Arrow Being Shoot.

Placing arrow in the Bow and Getting Ready to Pull it.

And Here i Go --, The bow is So Hard to Pull, let me Give a Try Though

Now i am ready and I was Fully Focused to hit the Bulls Eye

Off You Go my Sweet Baby Arrow -------------------------------> Did it Hit? I have to Wait for your Comment.... ^_^


Bradpetehoops said...

Very nice sports and place.

ugyen said...

Bradperehoops, It's Indeed an Beautiful game, The National Game of Bhutan. You can see everywhere people Playing.

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