May 26, 2009

CULTURAL TOUR IN NEPAL: the land of amzing beauty!

Nepal is one of the most fascinating countries in the world with its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, towering Pagodas, spectacular Himalayan Ranges with worlds highest peaks. It is a country of ethnic & topographical diversities, rich flora & fauna, ,adorn with exceptional Architecture unmatched by any country of the world. No wonder this land of diversities and contrasts attracting more visitors & becoming a major tourist destination of the world.

Boudhanath temple in Thamel Kathmandu.
The unique stupa that retains the Nepali type of architectural design is beautifully located in the outskirt of Thamel in Kathmandu city. The temple lures several tourists and devotees from across the world and still today it has become the historical and cultural icon of Nepal's tourism. One will able to witness the multitude of devotees circumbiuating the stupas and during the auspicious days the gathering will be amazing.
One will be driven to the temple by your host agent from Nepal on an hour long leisurely sightseeing in Boudhanath temple and you will really love the ambiance. The place will be fraught will the sounds of chanting and smell of incense. You will feel like as though you have reached to Heaven.
There fore never miss out to visit the temple while you are in Nepal on cultural tour. It will be better that you catch hold of the agent who can allocate a good cultural guide who can explain the history of the temple. I am sure that you will like listening and learning the history of the temple.
Swayambunath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal
The Swayambunath temple is beautifully posed on the bird eye view from where on can see the panoramic view of the entire Kathmandu City. The temple attracts several devotees from across the globe and the conspicuous Nepali type of Stupa has Buddha's eyes in four direction. The temple enshrines the statues of Lord Buddha and one will see the several handicraft shops in the vicinity.
Being on the temple site would give you immense pleasure and multitude of crowd will be gathered in any time of the day. This is the place where most of the local people make up their way during the week end and during the auspicious days.
From the front entrance of the temple one will see monkeys mingling with the tourists and local people and the temple is also know as the MONKEY'S TEMPLE. One will have to climb seventy to eighty steps. It is worth entering from the front entrance as you will see the statue of Lord Buddha and small stupas.

Courtyard of Swayambunath Temple

From Entrance to Swayambunath Temple
Kathmandu City as viewed from Swayambunath Temple
The holy Monkeys found on the way to temple


Anonymous said...

nice to see this blog. yes, these stupas are really awesome.

ugyen Tenzin said...

ya I visited this places in may first week and it was nice experience to see these places there.

Bradpetehoops said...

So beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

This is coming from somebody who has lived in Nepal for more than 15 years. Believe me, Nepal is not as beautiful as it looks like. The pollution, garbage everywhere, bad traffic, stinking rivers, corrupted government and what not are absolutely daunting with no sign of improvement. These religious places and big mountains are the only reasons why Nepalese are still able to show their faces to the outside world. I don't mean to offend any Nepalese but you got to look at the situation of your country with a serious thought. I hope to see New Nepal soon.

ugyen said...

I do Understand the Situation of Nepal at the Moment but I still believe that nepal is a beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

Ugyen! you came to Nepal and you never told me? You knew I was in Nepal, didn't you? By the way, the comment before your comment was from me.

Your old blog friend

ugyen said...

Hey Bhandhar,
Well i Know that you are in Nepal but it wasn't me who was in Nepal, Actually it was my Younger brother who been there recently and got those photo's and it was him who posted those post and photo. I would have informed to you if i had happen to be there. So Any plan of coming to Bhutan.
Best wishes

Ugyen said...

Nice to get back in touch with you, Ugyen. Let us keep this going from now on, shall we?

Actually, I was in Bhutan last for the coronation of the fifth king. I am sorry I couldn't get into contact with you. I did try to get your number but the time was too short for me to able to do everything I had wanted to do. I will be always looking forward to hearing more news on Bhutan from you.

Your friend

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