March 8, 2007

Paro Bhutan : Insight Look of Paro Valley

Paro: Bhutan

Paro District which lies in the western part of Bhutan and one hour drive from Capital City Thimphu is the most Important Entry point for the tourist and traveler as Bhutan only International Airport is Located in the broad valley of Paro. Bhutan Being in the Himalayan zone doesn't have much plain area as like paro. The Airport provide the gateway for most of the tourist to visit Bhutan and other traveler traveling in and out of Bhutan.

The main paro town is just lies opposite of Paro river and can covered up with walking distance in about 15 minutes. As you walk along the the main street you will find the best complex of country traditional architecture, two lines of rich decorated buildings housing small shops, institutions and restaurants.
Above all the most interesting place to visit paro is Paro Dzong – fortress-monaster overlooking the beautiful valley of paro. These Fortess(Dzong) were built in 17th century during the time of Zhabdrung Rinpoche to defend the country from the Tibetan. These Dzong are sprayed in most part of the kingdom until today it is the center of Government office and religious. Tourist are allowed to visit the dzong but only the courtyards. Just above the head of Paro Dzong lies Ta Dzong which was the watchtower for the Paro dzong and now the home to Museum.

The famous and important scared place Taktsang Monetary (Tiger Nest) which reside on the cliff which is 1000m is just about 10 km drive from Paro Town and a hour of walk uphills the cliff. The Taktsand Monastery history : It was during the time of Guru Rinpoche the father of Bhutanese Buddhism that when he visited Bhutan came to know about the deadly Demons striking the poor people of paro valley, he rode into the back of tigress and subdued the Demon and the Monastery Built. As you drives towards the North of Paro valley , you will reach Drugyel Dzong, one of the oldest dzong ruined after fire blazed in olden days. As you go inside the ruined Dzong and get on top of it, you will see picturesque Jumolhari Peak covered with snow.

The National Institute of Education which is the training center for Teacher lies just below the paro Dzong, every year new and fresh teacher passed out from the Institute and are sent to school later. The main Agriculture activities that paro farmer follow is the cultivation of rice, wheat and buckwheat. The cash crop grown are Apple which is widely exported to Bangladesh and it's the main source of Income for the People, the other vegetable product exported are potatoes. Farmer in Paro were well equipped with the latest agriculture machineries such as power tiller, rice thrasher and etc, the government provided the the farmer in very discounted rates in collaboration with Japan Assistance.

Paro people were the first to use such agriculture machinery in the Bhutan.
I have taken the clip of Paro valley Above Paro Dzong!!

Paro Ta Dzong ( National Museum as seen above Paro Dzong)

Ta Dzong (National Museum of Bhutan)

National Instutue of Education (NIE)

Popular Farm Machine : Power Tiller, Farmer Assets

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arcibaldo said...

it's fascinating to learn that mechanized tillers are also popularly used by farmers in bhutan as a means of transportation (of goods and people).

the mechanized tiller or farm tractor is also a popular multi-purpose vehicle among farmers in rural areas in the philippines, and call it "kuliglig" (also means cicada insect in english -

Anonymous said...

Dear Ugyen
thanks for the lovely write up on Paro. One thing missing is Paro Central School. I did my class X from that school in 1978, and my memories about the school, my 21 class mates and the valley is as fresh as ever...I suppose those were some of the most memorable months of my life...
Sanjiv Sharma
PS: is it possible to get in touch with class of 78 from Paro Central School

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