June 10, 2009

Tenzingling Resort - The Hottest Resort from Paro Bhutan

Anyone who visit Bhutan and especially those who stays in Paro are normally seen in Resorts and hotels, But most of them are seen in Resorts. To be frank... there are more Tourist resorts in Paro than Hotels in Thimphu, wherever you go you will see a resort or two. In a way resort are good for those people who need peace, there are less disturbance from the noise, but in Bhutan, towns and city are far more quite than the other people.

The Main Entrance Gate of the Resort

Let's get started with Tenzinling Resort, the Resort is Owned by Mr. Ugyen Tenzin and it is an intimate, Family run, It is located in Lango valley of Paro.. About 15 Minutes drive from Paro Town. The Resort location gives a picturesque view of Paro Rinpung Dzong and a panorama view of the Paro Valley. The resort is built in the ancestral land and surrounded by a small village amidst apple orchid. It was fully functionally in 2008 and as of now, the resort is one of the hottest in the Paro District.

The Rooms Building

The Resort has 21 rooms with facilities of a star hotel abroad., comfortably furnished and have an spectacular views, The Shower and Bath facilities is simply awesome. The facilities that includes in the rooms are : Telephone with global access, Wireless high speed internet, Fully Stocked Mini-bar, hair-dryer, and an assortment of bath amenities, LCD TV with complimentary cable and you can even relax in the private patio or balcony looking at the view of the paro valley.

The Dinning room is such perfectly placed with about 40 people accommodation at one time.

The Receptions, Conference room, Business Center, Lounge and the Infamous Lango Cowboy Bar provides you with immense stay in the Tenzinling Resort. The Resort has talented staff to help the Visitor.

I am an big fan of Bar and let me take you through the Infamous Lango Cowboy, an Unique name ^_^ for an Bhutanese people, but you will certainly love to wine there.. I had my day there and it was simply awesome listening to soft music. Try it out yourself.

The Infamous Lango Cowboy Bar

Another View of the Rooms
The Reception Building

The Reception Entrance

The Dining Room

Bathtub - Good to have an Go

Inside the Room, Comfortable Bedroom

The Loung Center
How about an Photo Session behind Olden Shield and Sword

Mr. Ugyen Tenzin, The properitor of Tenzinling Resort

And I have my Last Jump Before i Leave the Resort


SMD Alumni said...

Beautiful resort indeed!

ugyen said...

It is Indeed an Beautiful Resort, I been there couple of times and have fun esp in the Bar.

Asienfan said...

I have been in this resort for two nights in April '09 but wasn't satisfied at all. The bathroom wasn't clean, the carpet needs a vacuum cleaner and the service was bored and pooe... but I have heard it should be improved now...

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