August 26, 2007

Bhutan 2008 Celebration to be Simple

The three important celebrations in 2008; the coronation of the Fifth Druk Gyalpo, 100 years of monarchy and the introduction of parliamentary democracy would be simple with no grand celebrations, said the Prime Minister Lyonpo Kinzang Dorji to the media on 22 August in accordance with the command from His Majesty on 20 August.

As conveyed during the 87th session of the National Assembly in June 2007, there will be no grand formal coronation ceremony involving international

Though the celebrations would be simple, there are many important preparations going on. Lyonpo said that how next year would be celebrated was important not only for the Bhutanese but also for the outside world.

Next year, the celebrations will be between the king and the people of 20 dzongkhags with minimum expenditure. “Whatever spent for the celebrations would be for the benefit of the people.” Lyonpo said that the celebrations would proudly mark the achievements made by the Kings of Bhutan. The achievement of peace, stability and happiness in the country by the kings has to be supported and celebrated with pride.

The unique customs and traditions should also be celebrated. He said that there was no such example in the world where democracy came as a gift from the golden throne.

This unique way of introduction of democracy was important and should be marked with celebration, he added. The questions on why most of the centenary projects were based in Thimphu and whether everything would be completed on time, Lyonpo said that not all the construction works were for the celebrations next year.

He said that all the projects were enclosed in the 9th five-year plan and also in the Thimphu structure plan. “Since 2008 was an important year, it was thought important to complete the projects before the celebrations.

Therefore, the process was expedited,” he said.All the projects Lyonpo explained were of importance and would benefit in future. And the budget was also spent according to the plan.

Lyonpo said that the celebrations next year is something to be remembered for all times to come and whatever done should benefit the country and the people for a long time to come.

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