August 6, 2007

FAQ : About This Blog

About This Blog
To be precise, I started this blog in year December 2006 when fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuk Abdicated his Throne to Fifth King Jigme Khesar namgyel Wangchuk, Indeed this blog has been the gateway for the people abroad and people staying in Bhutan. Tourist or Visitor wishing to visit Bhutan can get a lot of information about Bhutan which they can be assured of prior information before coming to Bhutan. I know it is very hard to find good blogs about Bhutan and Bhutanese bloggers, to actually compliment there are couple of interested who writes about Bhutan and actually blogs.

In This blog, you will find lot of picture and picture related article about places, people and other matter, I intend to do a feature details article on Bhutan which consist of various aspect of topic. For the Past 8 Months, this blog has enjoyed a good amount of traffic and a number of visitors who comes looking for information about Bhutan, few people have their thoughts while some just love it.

Anyway the main idea of this blog is about Bhutan 2008 where Bhutan will be going into the democratic and the 100 years Centenary Celebration of Monarchy in Bhutan. The official coronation of fifth king of Bhutan, not to mention the updates on the changlimithang ground where the celebration will take place. A review of the Thimphu City, Article on Bhutan Kings from the First Hereditary to the present one, tourist information and traveler guide, important events and lot of interesting Stuffs about Bhutan.


While this Blog has been rated “A” by couple of people in terms of information about Bhutan, I take this note to appreciate the Website and Blogs which have given me support in sharing the information about Bhutan with outside world, to include few site and blogs : Globalvoicesonline , and other interesting blogs.

Revenue from this Blog:

This is interesting and I love to gamble with this, a lot of blogs I read says that if you have good amount of visitor and good traffic to your site, you can earn money online through Ad Program and Referral programs where they pay you for referring their site or goods. In my case I have Google Adsense Ad running which I think is the most effective and wise ad program if you want to earn money online, my main intention for running google adsense is to generate certain amount of cents so that one day I can buy a digital camera which would make this blog rich with fresh new picture and movies. At the moment this Blog is doing pretty good in terms of revenue generated as 85% of my total adsense comes from this blog. The last time that I received a Google Cheque of USD $ 159, 80% came from this blog. The total amount of USD Generate by this Blog would be around $175 which includes a USD $ 25 from Text-Link-Ads Referral Program. Click here to read about my First Adsense Check Details.

If you have any comments or want to know anything about bhutan, please let me know, i will try my best to Include an article or feature an post for it.


david santos said...

Thanks for your postinga and have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Please post a Bhutanese Wedding and what are the romantic traditions like. How do people meet to get married there? Do they have arranged marriages?
Also where can I buy your national dress? I want to buy one for my Fiance and one for me, even if we are not yet in Bhutan. I love traditional dress, being from an old civilization myself, Greek, I am a deep believer in traditional attire. At the moment I live in the U.K.

splham said...

Great blog.... thanks ugyen

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