March 15, 2008

Pictures from Druk Air Landing in Paro

Anyone has ever Imagine flying To Paro - Bhutan, Well, It will be one of the Most Wonderful Experience of Flying as the Druk Air Descend for Landing in the Airport, The Things that will attract your attention or the Passenger is the Snow Capped Mountains and the Hills as Drukair makes it's Final Descend to the Airport.

This is the My Sequence Pictures of Landing of Druk Air In Paro Airport - For Complete Visualizing of the Pictures, Please Go From Top To Bottom and you are already into the Plane Experiencing the Wonderful Landing.!!!

Thimphu Paro HighwayParo Valley As Seen from Plane
Paro Shaba Village
Paddy Field of Paro - Looks Wonderful
Paro Valley
Drukair Makes Landing
And The Plane In Runaway
Druk Air - Royal Bhutan Airlines
And That's The End of My Journey From Bangkok to Paro!!!


bubulle said...

You forgot to mention the scary very last turn a few seconds before the landing...:-)

Landing in Paro is a pretty "interesting" experience. The airport is well known for being one of the most difficult in the world for commercial civil aircrafts and is programmed in most flight simulators. Landing an A320 in Paro is not for any pilot and pilots from Druk Air are really great pilots.

bubulle said...

Correct an error in my comment: Druk air aircrafts are A319, not A320 (which could not land in Paro, I think)

Bhandarrrr!!!! said...

Hey! Ugyen,
Thanks for putting some really cool pictures from your journey back to home from Bangkok man. I thought you said you won't have anything to share with us through the blog from your journey. Anyways, I really enjoyed them despite I am bit annoyed with myself for being two days late to check out the blog.
By the way, were there any air hostesses serving you on the plane? It looks like you didn't get served by our beautiful Bhutanese air hostesses. You know very clearly I am talking about, don't you? And the last pic is not being that much of a help, is it? How did you and could you miss such a great opportunity, man?
Man, I can't wait to fly by Druk Air someday, which I haven't done yet. And guess what? By the time I fly on our Druk Air, they gonna look even better with the new uniform on them, which you might be aware of, already.
Nevertheless, you are best Bhutanese friend I have ever got man. Thanks for keeping Bhutan with us as usual.
Cheers and peace

ugyen said...

Hey Bubulle,
Thanks a lot for the comment, well indeed i did missed saying the Last Corner of the Landing which is exciting. Did Missed a lot though, anyway just wanted to share some of the pictures from the board.

Waii Ugyen

Man, I totally forget to take the pictures inside the Plane, was focus taking the Mountains and the Landscape. I must had few shots of Drukair Air Hostess, there are couple serving Breakfast. I didn't Notice the Changes in the Uniform.. well they Look Beautiful in Kira.

It's Been while since i could feed this blog and yea, i have couple of pictures later to post on.

Have fun.. and yea you got me to keep you update with Bhutan :-)


arcibald said...

more pictures. great!

so you were in bangkok, i'm here in bangkok right now since last saturday until wednesday morning for meetings. can't wait to get home already.

Anonymous said...

nice images.. btw are they expanding paro airport? I saw some construction work near the terminal

Bhandarrrr!!!! said...

Hi! Ugyen,

I am sure the Air hostesses looked good in kira. After all, Beautiful Bhutan gives birth to only beautiful people. What more can we expect than this, am I not right?
By the way, I think the mission of making our Beautiful Bhutanese Air hostesses look even more beautiful hasn't been been "launched" yet. hahaha........
I think they are going to "launch" it in a short future. I read in city bytes of, according to which it is going to happen very soon.
Anyways, it's always great to live my life back at home even if through online. And it is all because of you, my friend. Thanks very much for everything man. I really appreciate what you are doing for us and our Beautiful Bhutan.
P.S. Do put up the two photos up as soon as possible, please. Can't wait to see more pics on the blog man.

Wangbu said...

Beautiful captures from the sky. You also have an interesting blog. I read about how Buthan practiced intelligent urbanism. Wow! That is really inviting to see.

SMDers said...

Hey! Ugyen,
The election, which is taking place this month is about to stop knocking the door very shortly.
How optimistic are we feeling here about bringing it into live on this blog? Will there actually be an event to mark the election and make the day a very special one? I mean, I am sure there will be something interesting going on like gathering of the people and the politicians giving speech and etc and etc. Do you think you will be able to do what I always ask you to do?
Between, who are you voting for? I am hoping for Druk Phuensum Tsok to win.
Anyways, do keep sharing whatever you think might interest us. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Take care and stay good

ugyen said...

Hi Arcibald,

Indeed I could Take the Pictures from the Board after much try. Aricblad are you on your way to Bhutan or back to Your Country.

Anonymous (Who you could be)

The airport runway has been extended from both sides and it's much longer than the Previous one.

Oye Bhandarrr,

Sorry Buddy, I have no pictures of the Air Hostess nor the on Board. Bhutanes Air Hostess looks beautiful in The Traditional Dresses and the Color does Match too, Bhutanese are Born Beautiful and Lovely :-)
I will be going on th election and will try and get few shots from my Polling station, i wonder if i could get the Politicians Pictures or not, But it's way to go man, am sure i could capture few of them later on.

Thanks for the Comment, did you enjoy my blog? Feel Free to browse through if you haven't, am sure you would be fascinated with my post - No Bluff, no donkey praise, No false post, all true except for few which i created myself but it does relates to one or two.

Have fun

Thanks Guys..... Let the "Thunder Dragon" Roars.

Bhandarrrr!!!! said...

O! Ok, never mind. I don't blame you, my friend. I can imagine how those beautiful mountains and the landscapes must have captured your attention while you were on the plane. After all, the physical beauty of our Bhutan comes first to our mind when we talk about how beautiful our Bhutan is. If there was no Bhutan, there wouldn't be a word such as "beautiful" to describe something.
By the way, am I, by any chance, not making you go bored by writing the comments telling the same thing all the time? If so then, please do let me know. Cos I am surprised to see myself how obsessed I am with my country. I guess, the past 15+ years must have been very cruel to me.
Anyways, I will let you off on your own now. Thanks for everything once again man.
Lots of love, regards and hugs from far far away from home!

arcibald said...

ey ugyen. i would love to go back to bhutan again but not this time, and i still don't know when i can go without thinking much of work.

i just got back home and feel tired from more than a week long travel in laos and in bangkok, but already missing the enjoyable moments drinking beer there with good people.

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