March 24, 2008

Bhutan First National Assembly Elections 2008

This is Exciting for me and for all the Bhutanese People, I was Given a Election Badge after casting my Vote, which Quote " I Voted in the National Assembly Elections 2008" , Indeed I am proud that I have my Voted for the Bhutan First Ever Democratic Elections which is Held on 24 March 2008. Well, The result was Broadcast On BBS - Bhutan Broadcasting Service and the Maximum Wins came for Druk Phunsum Tshogpa Constituency over People Democratic Party which counted from all over Bhutan. People Democratic Party Wins came From Haa and Gasa Dzongkhag (District) as of Now.

I wanted to share few Pictures from my Polling Station.

People Going For Vote
The Polling Station
Security Personal Keeping Eye on Polling Station

People Waiting in Queue to Vote
Voters Queue for their Turn to Vote
Long Queue at the Polling Station
Election Badge Provide After Casting Vote


SMD Alumni said...

Nice pics! Thanks for putting them up.

arcibaldo said...

congratulations for having exercised your right to vote! it must be a really interesting election. so which party is winning? or has won?

Anonymous said...

hey.. it's akoo here,
you can use the DPT banner. You don't even have to ask :)

Unknown said...

I just blogged about the elections, by the way. People, please take this as a "so-called westerner" wiew on the elections:

Anonymous said...

Hi Ugyen,
You congratulations banner is ready. Go into the comments section and click on the link provided

ugyen said...

Congratulations to DPT!!!,

Akoo , Thanks a Lot for the Banner, I Owe You!. Thanks other Guys as well.

ao said...

excithing wiht you too ! ugyen dorji and happy with bhutan people too your ceser king have awonderful Idear and smart good!!!! every thing in the future to the very best .........pardon every thing if make you upset from for get me not

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