March 30, 2008

My Village In Paro - Pictures of Bhutanese Rural Life

I was not going to share this but i recall someone wanting to see the life and pictures of a Village Bhutanese Rural Life, Well this is my own Village home pictures. Just got few pictures that might interest me and all of you. The Pictures has All Traditional Bhutanese like, Hot stone bath, Altar, and so on. Enjoy

A View of My Village in Paro
Bhutanese House Stairway
Suoo (Incense Burning)
My Uncle Son - Trying to get into Frame
Cow Being Feed Before the Milking
Zaw (Snacks for Tea - A Popular Trend in Every Bhutanese House)
My Grandma Serving Lunch For Us
Delicious Food - Red Rice and Pa (Pork with Red Chillies)
Bhutanese People Love for Kings - King Portraits In Every Bhutanese House
Cat - A Must for Every Household - Chase Away The Rat
Hot Stone for Stone Bath
Traditional Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath - My Dad
Thanks to Royal Bhutan Government (Electricity in Rural) , I could Show Bhutanese movie to My Grandma and Grandpa
My Uncle Daughter Shy to Stay with Us
Bhutanese Altar - Every Bhutanese House Has One
Pork ready to be dried (Sikam)
Pork Ready to Make Sikam
Traditional Bhutanese House Windows
Firewood Reserve and piled aside house
Bhutanese Toilet - Untidy But a Good one for Rural People
Dried Pinewood Leaves for Cowshed
My Village View
My House - a Good Example of Traditional Bhutanese House
Traditional Bhutanese Windows
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Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for these pictures, ugyen. PLaces like your home (or your village) are definitely the palces I'd like to see if I ever have the great chance of coming back.

SMDers said...

Beautiful pics of your beautiful village, Ugyen. Thanks for sharing them with us. I would love to visit Paro some time very soon.


ugyen said...

Hey Bubulle,
Well, I fancy Rural Life for Simplicity, so you been to bhutan before, anyway it would be experience to be in the Rural Bhutan Life.

Hey Ugyen,
Wat's up? I hope Everything is fine with you, i did remeber someone wanting to see the rural life pictures, Paro is Great Place to be.

Have a Good Day

SMDers said...

Hi! Ugyen,

Everything is fine with me. Thanks! However, the exam is coming very soon, which I am very nervous about. And my mock exam before the real exam starts from tomorrow, so I am kind of busy in doing some studying. This means I might not be able to write to you as much as I used to.

Anyways, the exam will finish as the time passes. We will remain in touch more frequently after my exam is finished, ok?

That's all for now. Do keep updating the blog whenever you can.


Lc said...

Hello from Faial Island - Azores.

Come and meet our beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic...

Leave me a comment, to keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

woooww.. I am so jelous. I won't be able to go to any Bhutanese villages for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

A picturesque view of rural life from a different culture. How nice to encounter.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Your village is beautiful. Breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ugyen,
Good Luck With your Exam.

Thanks for the comment, well someone wanted to see the pictures of Bhutan rural so i got my own Village Pictures.

G - Thanks a Lot,

arcibaldo said...

beautiful pictures of your home. thanks for sharing this. i agree that the simplicity of life in the rural areas is to be envied. i spent more than a week in a rural place here and now that i'm back near the city with internet, i'm starting to miss the simple, quiet and inexpensive lifestyle there.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Naples, Florida USA
Your pictures are wonderful. We will be in Paro for 3 nights on October 9th 2008. We are so excited to visit your country. How is the drive across Dochula Pass?

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for sharing the photos - they're great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the virtual travel. I enjoyed it soooo much!

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