December 5, 2007

Painting Found in Every Bhutanese Houses

This Should Be Read As Follows - Painting Bhutanese House with Bhutanese Paints using Brush and Local Made Paints from Wood Pulp and Other Herbs - Most Bhutanese House are Decorated with Lovely Paintings on the Wall - Below Roof - Windows - Doors - and Lots More. This Is Indeed a Bhutanese Tradition you will find. The painting also Symbolic many Ethic and Have Buddhism Belief - Whilst the Pallaus Which is Hanged in the Four Corner of the House would Protect the House from Evil Spirit and Ghost (It is Still beleive in Remote and Rural Villages of Bhutan - Mostly Found in Bumthang) - I Will try to find that Kind of Pallaus Soon and Will post it. "Note - I Hope I am Not Making This Blog a Boring one" - Let me Know Yours Thoughts"

This is Called POA (Very Cute One!!! - Not For Minor Viewing)


Jachung (Bird)- Look at the Beauty of the Bhutanese Architecture


Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

Dear ugyen,

please don't stop updating the blog. It keeps me closer and closer to Bhutan. How about the service of bookstore in Thimpu. Is it possible to order from the bookstore? I have a Tibetan friend in Bangkok, named Yonton. He is Kam people, living in Chengdu. He is always in Bangkok, helping my Professor founding a foundation. Ten Thousand Stars Foundation.
Do you think that he can teach me Dzongkha language?

Anyway, now I am reading a book written by a Bhutanese scholar Karma Ura The Hero with a Thousand Eyes. Have ou ever heard that??

Keep in touch

ugyen said...

Dear Champagene - Well Thanks for your Comment and the Kind words, well i think i should keep a post or tow per week, Well I know you have love for The Bhutan and the Language, i have no idea wether The Tibetean Friend can Teach you Bhutanese Language or Not but you can learn the Tibetean on and would be lot easier for you to learn the Bhutanese Language. You Can Order the Books from the Book Store Provided that you have your address given to them and the Payment for the Shippment, I Can Bring you the Dzongkha - English Book if I happen to Come to Bangkok (Well i have an plan to COme to Bangkok in First Week of January (Not Sure - WIll let you know About it).

I have heard the Karma Ura Book - the Hero WIth Thousand Eyes but not read it - Hopefully will make it one day (Not a Book reader - hehe)

Thanks alot for your Thoughts - Will Keep you Closer With Bhutan.

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

Wow you reply quickly. Why don't you show your face?? You know it makes many on the blogs curious. Why you come to my country? You are still student or work? I am really interested in Bhutan's economy. How you all do the business in Bhutan? I heard that almost everything in Bhutan are imported, aren't they?

Thanks for quick reply


ugyen said...

Dear Champagne,
Well I was Online when you are in my blog, it's so good to hear good things about Our COuntry and yeah- i have my Face Covered Off hehe , well i work and Blogging is my Part time, I have fond in writing what not stuff and posting pictures of our beautiful country. Bhutanese Economy, I have no idea about it much but yea we do import but do export, Hope i could help you with this but i got little or no knowledge about it.
Thanks for your Visit and the Comment

SMDers said...

Actually, this blog makes me live my life back in our beautiful Bhutan, which I enjoy the most.

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

I have seen your picture in other blogs of yours. It is very good. The blog keeps me abreast with Bhutan. It's very difficult to learn Tibetan or Dzongkha here in Bangkok. Next week I plan to go to Bhutan film at Central World.


Anonymous said...

Hey smders
Thanks for Dropping a line and your Thoughts, Wish i could Improve on my Writing skills and the Photograph Tricks,

And Dear Champagne,
Well I thought No one has seen me or my Face in Internet - Lol I do have my Pictures posted in one of the Blog, pretty an ugly Man :), Well is there be a screening of Bhutanes film in Bangkok, Good Luck Anyway.


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