November 22, 2007

Thimphu Main Town Latest Pictures

Thimphu The Capital City of Bhutan - Latest Pictures of Thimphu or Thimbu or I say-----------Thimphu,Thimphu,Thimphu,Thimphu,Thimphu,Thimphu,Thimphu,
Thimphu,Thimphu,Thimbu, Timphu, Timbhu, Thimphu Bhutan (^_^) ------------------------------------------->

Building With Glass Panel on (First of it's Kind)

Thimphu Main Street

Let Me Walk Through the Thimphu Street

Carrom Board : The Past Time for Most People


arcibaldo said...

beautiful pictures ugyen! i do remember passing by the building with the glass windows a couple of times on my way to the temple. i believe the theater is somewhere near the third and fourth pictures (sadly i wasn't able to watch there, and do night-hunting as what was told me that bhutanese often do).

SMDers said...

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Do keep on putting more pictures of our Beautiful Bhutan. I am so proud to be born in Bhutan. I love my country more and more. I am feeling so close to my country after browsing internet on Bhutan.
Cheers Ugyen:)

Anonymous said...

Arcibald, Well Sorry Man -- i have no idea about that Building Having a Movie Theatre as i Never Been There - Shame on Me, Anyway It was Nice to See Some Kind of Glass Windows Building in the Town - A Sign of Modern Bhutan.

Smders : Thanks for checking my blog and Thanks for the Comments as well, I been trying to find a Ways to Show off Bhutan To Outside World, It is Proud to be Born in Bhutan - No Doubt about it.

Unknown said...

I've been only once in Bhutan for my life, for just a few days (the DzonglhaLinux launch even, back in June 2nd 2006) but fell in love with your country.

I really can't wait until I find an opportunity to come back and visit my friends at DIT there. In the meantime, getting your regular posts makes me feel like I can share something with you people so far away.

dmr said...

omg!i think i'll get lost there! the building looks alike along the streets!!

Btw, Great Pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bubulle, Thanks for the Checking Out My Blog, Well You Been In Bhutan before and that too with the DIT , I did heard about the Dzongkhag Linux long time back but have no idea about, It is certainly is a Bonus for the Bhutanese IT.

Davin, hahah well you will be safe here in Bhutan and there is little chances that you might get lost, just a small town running in the Main Town Road.

arcibaldo said...

hi ugyen, what i meant was the picture where the people are playing the carrom board, i'm not sure but the movie theater is somewhere near there?

i also remember buying a singing bowl and a prayer wheel in an antique shop near the intersection.

ugyen said...

Aricbald, Well the Carrom Board Area is Located in the Heart of Thimphu Town, It is Opposite of the Mila Building - To be precise, Do you know the Road Intersection which comes from the Lower Market (ie - Luagr Theatre side), Say Just above Thimphu City Police Office.

I hope you have some kind of Idea now where the Carrom Board is Located.(It is Packed from Morning till dawn with people- Busiest Hang out for most people)

I know one Movie Theatre which is Behind that Glass House and it's In Zangdopelri Shopping Complex Building.

prad said...

great pics man!!... i have been to bhutan only once, that too way back in '98.. but i really liked it .. and it was good to see thimpu as it looks now.
keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Prad,
Thanks for sharing with me, well indeed there are lot of Changes here in Bhutan compared to 3 - 5 Years Back, I am Fascinated by the Changes daily and keep getting a Snap or Two from my D- Camera, Well Looking froward for your Visit

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