November 16, 2007

Bhutan Beautiful Mountain Terrains, Valley and FarmLand

Check this Out !! The Valley and the Paddy Field, Isn't This Wonderful Pictures, The True Landscape of Bhutan with Hills and Mountain on top, Valley Narrowed down and the River Meander right in the Middle of the Valley. Houses are seen on Both the Rivers. Such are the Mountain Terrains and Landscape Found in Bhutan. The Lush Green Natures and the Pasture Provides A Pleasant sight seeing !!! Never Missed a Chance to take a Photography or Two !! Truly an Amazing Bhutan!!!! The Ultimate Paradise on the Earth !! Agree or Not Agree !! Yes or Not!! True or False!! let Me Know !!!

Meandering Valley and the Countryside Landscape

On the Edge of the World
The Green Valley of Bhutan


Unknown said...

I agree!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gelay
Thanks for the Comment and the Thumbs up, well it is truly an Amazing Place to be born in this world Universe.

arcibaldo said...

i have to agree too, especially for someone who loves mountains, rivers and long valleys. i would love to go to a long trekking tour there but it seems really expensive and my time would not always permit.

SMD Alumni said...

I agree with you totally, Uygen. If there is a place close to heaven, may be this is.
Cheers Ugyen:)

Anonymous said...

Ah! You were in Punkaha! ina? :-)) Anyway, those pictures look like they are from the punakha valley. When were those taken? I don't think i have seen the valley so lush with the harvest...Must have been a good harvest this year.

Anonymous said...

hey Guys,
Pardon me for Not able to Reply to all yours thought.. i was on tour and i got few clips of Puntsholing and Samtse and hopefully, i will be putting up soon.

Bhandarr!! Thanks for your lovely Comments, it is indeed Lucky to be born in Bhutan, A Must AGree for everyone.

Arcibald, It does take some pain and Bucks to do trek and hike in Bhutan, But it is worth a while. Thanks for the Comment Though

And KC.. Thanks for Dropping by, Well i was indeed in Punakha and those pictures were from them.. I guess the people had good harvest seeing the Paddy Field but not sure mey.

Cheers Guy
Back to work now..

arcibaldo said...

i can get the time but may not be able to save enough money... will have to squeeze in some trekking in between work when i get there.

i just remember meeting a bhutanese here the other night, when i chanced seeing and meeting my officemates having dinner with him.

dmr said...

so pleasant... reminds me of my Village at the Borneo Island.. Its also a beautiful place.. :D
But this is really GREAT PICTURES! wish i was the one taking them! hahaha miss listening to the river flow and breathing fresh breeze~

Anonymous said...

hahah Arcibald, Well you Do Need to have money to do the trek and as you said, you can squeeze the time between your work to do that, I had the chance to do trek the Jumolhari trek and it is indeed a wonderful to see all the Natural Vegetation of the Higher Altitude.

Davain : Pretty Much Alike with Few Places around the World with Natural vegetation, The Place is certainly the best place in Bhutan with Moderate Climate, The Rivers Just curves whole over the Valley and as you said - it is pleasant to listen the flow of the River.

Anyway Thanks for checking out : It did remind you of your Village , isn't man!! You have fun anyway.

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