November 23, 2007

Bumthang Yathra : The Famous Woolen Textile of Bhutan

Anyone Remember Seeing Bumthang Yathra?? If Not, Then Check it out !! Well For Bhutanese People, They Consider Bumthang Yathra as the Best woolen Textile Products in Bhutan. The Bumthang Yathra Can be in any form, The Most Famous is the Jackets, Handbags, Sweater, Gho (Traditional Dress for men) & Kira (Traditional Dress for Women), shawl, and lots more. The Bumthang Mathra which is red Pattren Garments for Men and Women Dominates the Markets and in Bhutanese Society, This Yathra are woven from a special Hand Made Instrument call Three-Tha ('Spelling Need Correction' - Someone help Me (o_o) See Below).

I Still Remember that Bumthang Yathra is Favored by Most Tourist and Visitor for it's Design and Patterns. So Lovely that the Patterns and design can be a decoration at Home and at Office. The Next time you are here in Bhutan, get yourself one of the Yathra, It is Worth Buying - I Insist!!!

Attractive Colors, Design, Patterns Seen on a Bumthang Yathra

Yathra Jackests and Over Coat : Brrrrrrrr, Chilll Bhutan!!

Another Kind of Design and Patterns

Is this Bag competitive at World Fashion? Guess so!!! (o_o)

Yathra in forms of Small Table Cloths and Piece

The Hand made Equipment (Three Tha) to weave Yathra


arcibaldo said...

the textile is really beautiful. where is this shop located?
the jacket and the bags look great. i hope you don't mind but how much do they cost?
how much would a yathra gho cost also? i bought a gho but it's not hand-woven.

Anonymous said...

Arcibald, Well the Shop is In Bumthang Chumey Valley, I am Not Sure whether you can get from the Handicraft and textile shop in Thimphu, the price ranges Depending on the Quality of the Materials. The Overcoat is around Nu 1700 - 2500 and the Bag is Nu 300 - Nu 500,

Well Woven Ghos are bit Expensive compared to the Machine Made and it might cost you around 2000 to Maximum Depending on the Quality and the Patterns.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask you for a favour? If you happen to be back in Thimphu, could you please take some pictures for me of a Bhutanese supermarket, anyone will do, and put it up, or otherwise, send it to my email? You know my email, mosh! i need a super-market sort of store, and not the "general shops" type of grocery store picture for my project... so sorry for the trouble, and thanks in advance.
Sorry about the bother,and it just seems best to ask you, since you seem to be putting pictures of bhutan and Thimphu every now and then mosh! :-))
Kadinchey, and Gom matey mey. :-))

Anonymous said...

Hahah KC,
Well I would Love to Gather the Pictures, Do you want me to get the Picture of The Tashi Super Market -- I am Not Sure Wether They Can Get my Camera inside or not, ANyway Will try and Get the Pictures if i can or would simply get one that is located in the Motithang.

I might post that too and will email the larger Copy as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ugyen! I knew I could depend on you. Thank you so much for accepting my request. I have been going nuts trying to find pictures of a Bhutanese supermarket online, and not coming up with anything. Even kuensel did not have the picture in their archives, though several years ago, I remember them doing an article with picture about Bhutan's first super market...:-)) Anyway, all i managed to find were piles and piles of weekend market pictures. No sign of the modern society...:-))
Thanks again for saying "yes". You've saved me a pile of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for sending the pictures. You are really very sweet. And apologies about the trouble to you. I sure don't envy you your internet connection. :-))
Anyway, I owe you one.
Thank you again,

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