October 9, 2007

Lipton : A Easy way of Serving Tea & Coffee

Lipton tea Maker : An Easy Machine for an Hot Coffee/Tea

Something new, something that have not been in Bhutan before , but yea.. i saw this little tea/coffee Maker Outside Bhutan everywhere but This is my First time Seeing it in Bhutanese Restaurants and Bars, Well something new of a kind, It is indeed wonderful to have such kind of tea maker, a Change in the Modern technology for Bhutanese People.

Guys If you feel This Post should not be Posted, feel Free to "Have Your Say" As I feel This is an Nonsense Stuff!!! But Wat so ever.... I Just can't keep it in my PC.

NOTE: KC, Cineylens, Dragon Girl, Arcibald, Davin Marcus, K2Blogger...and other Mates , Sorry for not able to add you Guys Link after i have redone with my Templates... I am Pretty much Away from this Blog for While, Will Add it Sooner or Later. In Mean While..... feel Free to Serve Yourself with Hot Tea/Coffee....Thanks Anyway


cosmicdust said...

this only shows we are becoming lazy relying on machines to brew a cup of tea...let's see what happens...technology of any kind should be good if we harness the good from it...otherwise, everything's pointless

ease = comfort = lazy = sophistication = &%$#

and oh, don't worry about the links...:)

Anonymous said...

Didn't even notice the change in template. *blush!* Shame on me! *lol* And no sweat about the links.

Also, speaking for myself. I like this post and don7t see why you should apologize for it. It gives you a very "ethnic" perspective. Things that other people in other worlds take for granted, but for us Bhutanese , it still makes news. :-)) And therefore is uniquely "Bhutanese news" .:=))

ugyen said...

hey Cine and Kc, Thanks for the Comment, well it does make sense when something new Technology comes in Bhutan, a Curiosity in the People Mind, Nice Though seeing it. I am running out of Topic for this blog now...=%$%%$#%#$ = 65657578

arcibaldo said...

this is actually my first time to see a lipton machine like that. seems like a mini-version of vending machines for drinks.

MSI said...

Really nice..fast time see in India. My mother country Bangladesh. It possible created new market. In this machine.

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