October 6, 2007

Chogyel Wangdi - The Man Behind "Wangdi LPG Gas Delivery "

For Most Thimphu Household, The man in the photography is a Well Known for his dedicated Service that he enjoyed each Day. Well i am talking about Chogyel Wangdi, the Hard Working Man from Babesa and Popularly Known by his Customer as "Gas Walla", yes he certainly should be called as Gas Man or so, try out few chips and he walks to work off the house early morning while he carry his little daughter dressed in neat and clean as she is being dropped to School.

Chogyel Wangdi Works begins usually at 9: 00 Am in Morning alongside with the Office Going people, but when his Cell Rings as early as 7 am in Morning and sometimes at 8 PM in the Night, he starts his Van and off he goes, This is a Routine Call Service He offers to his Customer delivering Gas cylinder Door to Door. Unlike young people of Bhutan, Chogyel Wangdi, a self employed and a determined man started his Small Cottage Business Last year after he finished his Graduation.

Chogyel Wangdi Daily Routine begins with His Pick - Up Truck being loaded with Filled Gas Cylinder from Tashi Commercial Corporation in BOD , Which offers Blue Gas and it's Popular in Bhutanese household for it easily available in Market, and then he goes to Druk petroleum where he gest three to four Filled red Cylinder. Once his Truck get Loaded with Filled cylinder, he then goes around Thimphu Town, Places where people with their empty cylinder waits outside. Delivering gas is not a easy task said Wandgi as it need sheers muscle to lift from Truck and then Vice Versa. For Him, he value the Call Service the most as people call him to Deliver the gas door step, a Charges per Cylender goes to Nu 45 per Gas to Nu 60 depending the distance from the Town. A Sum of Nu 30 per Gas Cylinder is charge to every customer, the cost which is equivalent to Taxi fare from their Home to the Gas God won in Town, A reasonable charge but convenient. For People Working in office, the Wangdi LPG Gas is the best way to get it anytime as people have no time to get their gas changed in Town with the Timing of the God wan From 9 AM to 6 PM in Evening. Local People these days have become so lazy and yes this Helps Wangdi LPG delivery Van a workload. Chogyel Wangdi has Indeed Changed the life of people with his Service, this has becoming a trend in the Bhutanese Society as People can now have goods deliver door step.

Chogyel Wangdi has been overload with the increase in the Customer as he gets call from all parts of the Thimphu Town to deliver gas to them, it takes him sheer engery to run every corner of the town and satisfied his Customer. From the early Birds Which Catches worms till the Twilight begins. Chogyel Wangdi has been a good friend of mine since i knew him and for me life has been easy with the Gas as i just need to Press 17653665 and then within half an hour, he comes with a filled gas Right in my Door Step, a Hot cup of tea with him for a while while he shares his day with Chanting people buzz and call him as his Delivery Van Nears household " Gas walla " has come, get the empty Gas and take New Filled. Needless to say about it, His Service has Been appreciated by people as he took the burden on his shoulder. "It's Fair to have something like that Service when i can't take the Gas to the Depot coz i have to go to Office in Morning and then in Evening, had to do work at home, I don't mind paying him Nu 30 or Nu 45 for his service charges as long as my Kitchen runs pretty well with the Gas" exclaimed one of his reguralerly customer. Yes indeed it is wonderful to have some kind of Service which people Feels and is necessary. What if your gas Runs out at 8 PM while your Pork is being cooked, Will you go to depot(close) or wait next day.. Worry not Guys, Chogyel Wangdi is Still in Town and he is having fun with his friend in a cozy place filled with Chilled Beer to cheer the Day's work, Just Press 17653665 and off he come to your Place with filled Gas and Your Pork has Bad Luck getting into the Fire!!!!

"Wandgi LPG GAS Delivery Van"
Watsoever, his Tireless Service Deserve a Applauds !! Being a College Graduates and working towards Serving the Society with Needs, a True Example for all the Youth to see him go with Gas On his Shoulder, as Girls Stares and Young people whisper."Blah.. Blah... Blah..!! Thumbs up as he Whisk his Van and off he goes for his next Call Service delivery!!!


Unknown said...

Nice, and what a sweet little girl he has.

ugyen said...

hey Gelay, Well he does have sweet daughter, Anyway Thanks for the Comment and checking out, i did see your blog and looks good at the moment.

Sorry Couldn't Reply to your Comment, Well i was Little bit out of this Blog.. Need to Punch with new peg of Ara !!!

Unknown said...

Places where people with their empty cylinder waits outside.
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Arsath said...

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