October 18, 2007

Bhutan Kitchen - The Home for Pure Bhutanese Cuisine

Okay Guys, Now you say where in Thimphu would you like to go for a Pure Traditional Bhutanese cuisine, Look No where.. Bhutan Kitchen which has all the Charm of Traditional Bhutanese House offers you with the Best of Food and Drinks in Town, Want to go for a Sikam, Shakam, Ema datsi(Pure Bhutanese Curry - Hot and Spicy).. How about Ara and Bangchang. I would Not Disgrace other Restaurants or Hotels But Bhutan Kitchen has somethings to offer you More than Just the Food, it's the Bhutanese Culture and Tradition, Before you Enter the restaurant, you will see the Mani Wheel on the Door and then the First Glance you will Come across is the Bhutanese Kitchen where you will see a Mud Stove with Bhutanese Pots, some dry Chillies Hanging from the Wooden Plank which Despited the True Bhutanese House you will encounter. The restaurants is spread out at large which could accommodate 50-60 people. While you on a Dinner there, you have the option to be served with Tradition Liquor (Ara) while you are being played a Musical by a Musician with Traditional Dramyang(Bhutanese Guitars)

My Rating for Bhutan Kitchen = 8/10 Votes .. and Makes sure you dine at there once and feel the true Bhutanese Home.

Bhutan Kitchen Entrance

Traditional Bhutanese Kitchen look alike (I love the Chillies Hanging)

Buffet Inside Bhutan Kitchen

Oh! Man That Ara Palang (Case for Local Brewed liquor)

How About This Wonderful Dining Table (Someone Need a date)

My Eyes All on the Mask

A Musician Paradise

Disclaimer : The Author is neither affiliated with the Restaurant nor is part of it, it was necessary that the Author shares What he thinks is Best for Everyone.


arcibaldo said...

where in thimpu is this located? seems like a must-visit place for local food but it also looks expensive.

i miss eating ema datsi. i even brought yak cheese home (and it's still in the ref) hoping to cook my version of ema datsi (making use of small chilis here).

ugyen said...

Hey Arcibald,
Well Sorry for the Late Reply, Actually The Bhutan Kitchen is Located in Sakten Building(Opposite of Zone Bar)...Man, well You need to Make that Yak Cheese Taste Better off, Just chop Few Chilles and the Add that Yak cheese to make Delicious Ema Datsi. Enjoy it man!!!

arcibaldo said...

true, i really need to cook the cheese, i might end up stocking a lot of the cheese when i get back.
so cooking ema datsi is as easy as mixing chopped chilies with the cheese?

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