October 22, 2007

Khamsa Coffee : The OutMost Coffee Shop in Town

Anyone Wonder Why Khamsa Coffee Shop ranks the Best Coffee Shop in Town, Well It certainly Does with the Kind of Service and the Flavor that the Khamsa Offers. The Khamsa Coffee House is Located in the Changlam Plaza which has one of the Thimphu Most Busiest Plaza with Druk Air Office Located there. There are Also Few Shop which provides the Quality Branded Products Like Tissot and Swatch Watches. One Can find a Great Place to Hang out for a Lighter Coffee or Tea as you have by chance to make an Airlines Reservation or Booking. Khamsa Coffee as such provides a Wider View of the Changlimithang Ground and some Wonderful View of the Thimphu Town. Though the Coffee and Tea are expensive Compared to Other Shops and Bar.

The Coffee Shops also provides with Light Snacks and Good Appetizer food.

Khamsa Coffee Logo

Wonderful Chairs and Table

Coffee Cups

A View of the Inside Khamsa Coffee


Anonymous said...

Waii I know Khamsa Coffee and been there many times, good place to be there

Anonymous said...

Never been there. Would like to visit once if i get someone's company.

ugyen said...

Hey Anonymous'sss, well it is good place but a bit expenisve, a Tea cost around 40 Nu whilst you can go for 8 Cups in other Restaurant, but It is Must Place for The Real Taste of Khamsa.

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