July 17, 2007

Bhutan National Flag

The national flag of Bhutan consists of a white dragon over a yellow and orange background. The flag is divided diagonally from the lower hoist side corner, making two triangles. The upper triangle is yellow and the lower triangle is orange. The division starts from the lower corner of the flag where it is hoisted and runs along the diagonally opposite corner. The national flag of Bhutan was officially adopted in 1965. The dragon is centered along the dividing line, facing away from the hoist side.The dragon depicted on the flag, Druk or the Thunder Dragon, represents Bhutan's local Tibetan name, The Land of the Dragon. The dragon grasps jewels, representing wealth, in its claws. The snarling mouth represents the strength of the male and female deities protecting the country. The white color stands for purity and loyaltyThe yellow field symbolizes the secular monarchy, while the orange represents the Buddhist religion.

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