July 17, 2007

Bhutan Media need to pull up

Bhutan Media is such to be blamed that there has been nothing news about the Sports when there has been Tournament played in Gelephu District, Media need a bit of attention, Thimphu, the Capital City of Bhutan get a news or two in all the papers which are Kuensel, Bhutan Time, Bhutan Observer. But what about other Dzongkhag, is there not enough journalist or reporter feeding the news, there might be an improved media quality when the news seems to interest the people of all parts of the Nation. This is just a view that when Bhutan Cricket who recently organized the Last Shangri-La Cup 2007 in Gelephu from 7th-15th July, There are media personal from all the Newspaper but there has not been a news on the paper when the publication was done.

Indeed that was a necessary for the people to know that something is happening in parts of the Bhutan. Apparently, the Bhutan Football got their news where they held the Tournament in Thimphu. Why didn't the Bhutan Cricket Tournament not got into the news section of the Media when their website is updated every match and every events, Check this out. For some reason may be there has not been reporters to report the news but they can still make enquiry and check the website, get the news from them and am sure Bhutan Cricket website is the only sports federation website in Bhutan which is updated regularly. Bhutan Media should really keep the news and events of various sections on.

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