August 12, 2007

Cypress : Bhutan National Tree

Cypress (THE WEEPING HIMALAYAN CYPRESS) is the National Tree of Bhutan.

Cypress Has Distinctive Characteristic of Slightly conical with a broad base and tapering top. When old, it is a tall impressive tree. It has green leaves all the year round. Compared to other trees, its leaves do not resemble needles. Its leaves are narrow, thick and leathery. Drooping leaves make tree look graceful. Trunk erect and ridge with grayish brown bark which flake of in short, thin strips. Life span of centuries.

It grows naturally in Bhutan between 2500 – 3000 m but it is also planted at lower altitudes. It grows well on steep limestone areas and is occasionally found in our forests ( Pho Chhu valley north east of Punakha and on the west slopes of Pelela ) Plantations of Cyprus can also be seen between Dochula and wendeygang and at Taba.

The timber is good for construction and is preferred for building of temples, monastery and dzongs. Wood and branches are of great value in and are burnt as incense. The history say that the Majestic Cypress tree at Kurjey, Bumthang is believed to have grown from Guru Padmasambhava’s walking stick when he came to Bhutan.

The Bhutanese consider the cypress tree sacred and identify with it for its nature and ability to survive in difficult terrain. As the national tree, it is held in great reverence. It is often planted outside monasteries, dzongs and religious places.

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