July 16, 2007

Gelephu Town Review

Gelephu Town which is 8 hours drive from the Capital City Thimphu is border with Indian State Assam. When you enter gelphu from Sarpang or from Trongsa road, you will be greeted by Lord Buddha which is built in the Gelephu Sports Association ground. Gelephu is one of the four Town which has Bhutanese Gate bordering with the Neighboring Country Inda, th eother three being, Phuntsholing, Samtse, Samdrupjongkhar. Gelephu fall under Sarpang District but is has it's own Dungpa who looks after the Town. Gelephu town is so small that you can walk around in half an hour. There are plenty of Hotels and Restaurants which serves the spicy and delicious food, apparently Gelephu is the hub for people coming from Trongsa and Samdrupjongkhar while going to Thimphu and vice versa.

Gelephu Has it's own Entertainment as Losal Cinema Hall which is out of Condition still provides movies crazy the old hindi movies and nepali movies. The Movies hall need some renovation, looks like some old haunted place. Nevertheless, Gelephu has it's own charm, provides fresh food and fruits to the people, being a neighbor with Indain State Assam. Pot Black provides a leisure time for a pot or two and there is a party hall just near Bhutan India Friendship Association, Gelephu Local Chapter Office.

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