May 17, 2007

Clock Tower Square of Thimphu

Bhutan’s only Clock Tower Square which is located in the Heart of Capital City Thimphu is the busiest platform for all kind of cultural activities and other important function. The Clock Tower which is about two storyed building height stand tall surrounded by a small platform and the area approximately the size two futsal ball court and it’s edge barred by benches and trees where it makes a good place to relax in the evening with family or friends. The entrance to the clock tower square is everywhere where at both end there are few numbers of prayer wheel where people can rotate and cut few sin committed.

Clock Tower Square of Thimphu Town Stand Tall and Beautiful

Over the past years, clock tower square of Thimphu has been the center of attraction for it uniqueness of being the first clock tower in Bhutan and centrally located for everyone to access. The reason why Clock tower square is most preferred venue for all kind of important function is that is has the seating capacity of about 200 people in the front gallery and can accommodate around 100 – 200 people on side way. Major Function like National Film Awards, Tarayana Foundation Fair, SAARC Car Rally, Scout Campaign Shows, Artist Performing dance and musical nite are all held in the Clock Tower Square where the crowd get packed up before the actual show begins. Due to its importance, the clock tower square has been renovated where extra space is created for a larger accommodation of people.

When there are good program held in the clock tower square, the people turning out to watch the shows take a breather as around 1000 plus people gather and in wake of getting a clear view of the show, most people come as early as 3 hours prior to the show to book a place where they have a good view. Traffic and Vehicle movement above the Clock Tower Square are closed during the function for safety of the viewer and people. For most Resident of Thimphu, Clock Tower gives them wonderful place to get themselves entertained by the shows.

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