April 23, 2007

Exciting Video of Motor Biking through Pine trees of Bhutan

Hi All,
Something new now, how about a exciting video of motor biking through pine trees of Bhutan. Bhutan is indeed covered with Forest and Makes around 60 % of the total land. With the Altitude of Thimphu around 3000 meters sea level and the popular trees grown are the Blue pines, the fresh air is abundant and can feel the excitement driving through it. The Road even makes it more exciting as it curves around the hills of the Bhutan with the road wide just enough for two vehicle to cross and some place, it's just so narrow for a single vehicle to cross. Bhutan is blessed with hills and mountain and the rood just a perfect for all the Motor sports lovers who want to challenge the ridge.
Check out the Video as A friend of Mine Motor the way from BBS Tower towards the Thimphu Valley.

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