April 25, 2007

Popular Bhutanese Beliefs (Weird too)

Oh! No.. i should not be posting this, something which everyone of us is aware of it, yet there are few who are unaware of the Popular Bhutanese Beliefs.

  • A Bat is believed to be a very clean animal and it's presence indicates that the house is not sullied that the inmates are good people and home a heaven (Comments :Try getting a bat into your house now)
  • A Black cat crossing the road when you are traveling a distant place or an important mission indicate ill omen. It could be failure of your mission or obstacles which might bar your way to success. It is advisable to stay back and plan your trip next day which may become more favorable and evade the ill-omen.( Comments : What if you are catching a flight..which you have a connecting flight one same day)
  • Keeping dogs as pet is advisable as they act as a recipient of all the bad luck and curse of the family. In effect, the family is spared of the suffering of curses and bad luck in the house. (Comments : Everyone Get yourself a dog as pet now !!)
  • A Bee hovering round your heads brings you good news about your loved ones.On Contrary, if it's a dung-fly(Bigger housefly), It indicates bad Luck (Comments : Romantic people , beware of the dung-fly)
  • If your cloths and your head become unexpectedly infested with lice and nets, it's a sign that you will become or fall sick sooner. (Comments : Guys, don't be dirty, you might be infested with lice and nets... "Grin")
  • To keep an ox that gores, a dog that bites but not bark and a cock that springs and pecks at people, is an auspicious numbers, as this trinity frightens away evil spirits that may harm the members ( Comments : Look for those animals now and be safe !)
  • Seeing a marten achu ne ney while on a mission or an important errands foretells failure and unfulfillment of one's mission. (
  • While sleeping, if rats bite any part of your upper body, it signifies good luck and success but if it is the lower part, it warns of the ills awaiting you. (Comments :Let the rats on in your room and Get your lower body wrapped tightly with Blanket keeping the upper body exposed .."Grin")
  • If Vultures and other birds of prey (Thriving on wastes and carcasses) descend on your rooftop, an important figure in the house or in the country will die. Their presence indicates their hunt for food (dead body) (Comments : Watch out guys, don't let the vulture or other prey descend on your rooftop)
The Above Bhutanese Beliefs is Courtesy of Tsa She Ga Chha (The Broken Saddle and other popular Bhutanese Beliefs) by Karma Peday.

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