June 15, 2009

Yeedzin FC Out of AFC President Cup 2009

Okay, now the dust has settled and Bhutan only Club Yeedzin FC are out from the Asian Football Confedration President cup after they have been beaten by DORDOI-DYNAMO (KYR) 7:0 in the Opening Match played at Spartak Stadium on 10 June 2009, Yeedzin FC had to pull a win in the next two match against KANBAWZA from Myanmar on 12th June and PHNOM PENH CROWN FC from Cambodia on 14th June, but the sole club from Bhutan really played well in the second match and lost by 2 goals, in the Third Match against PHNOM PENH CROWN FC, Yeedzin FC were against the best side from Cambodia and lost 3:1.

Yeedzin Footbal Club Striker Yeshi Dorji

Now let's do some mathematical calculation about the Bhutan Football Clubs Performance in the AFC President Cup, Only Transport United Club has represented Bhutan in the President cup before and their performance in the Field is such miserable compared to This Year Yeedzin FC. Let's get into the Point now and Compare the Two Clubs .

YEEDZIN FC (2009) :
10 June 2009 - DORDOI-DYNAMO (KYR) - YEEDZIN FC (BHU) 7:0 (lost by 7 Goal)

12 Jun 2009 - YEEDZIN FC (BHU) - KANBAWZA (MYA) 2:4 (Lost by 2 goals)

14 Jun 2009 - PHNOM PENH CROWN FC (CAM) - YEEDZIN FC (BHU) 3:1 (lost by 2 Goals).

Total Goal Score By YEEDZIN FC = 3, Total Goal Against Them = 14. Margin come to 11 Goals Difference.

Let's Take a Look at the Transport United in 2008 President Cup.

23 Apr 2008 - RATNAM SC (Sri Lanka) - TRANSPORT UNITED (Bhutan) 7:1 (Lost by 6 Goals)

25 Apr 2008 - TRANSPORT UNITED (Bhutan) - ASHGABAT (TURKMENISTAN) 1:7 (Lost by 6 Goals)

27 Apr 2008 - TRANSPORT UNITED (Bhutan) - KANBAWZA (MYNAMAR) 0:11 (Lost by 11 Goals).

Total Goals Scored by Transport United = 2, Total Goal Against Them = 25, Margin comes to 23 Goals Difference.

In the End, Transport United had 23 Goals Difference and Yeedzin FC has just 11 Goals Difference in the AFC President Cup. Now let's Judge and come out which Team has performed Well in the AFC President Cup knowing that they are knocked out of the Tournament.
Yeedzin Football Club Young Stars

Everyone, Please Vote which Club is Better in your Opinion.


Bradpetehoops said...

Wow! Football, in Philippines the number one ball game and sport is basketball. But foot ball is popular in some islands. And other people of Manila. Have a nice day. Thank you for visiting my site. Greetings from Philippines!

Willow said...

lol, those two athletic boys are actually my ex-school mates. Good to see them being able to make their hobbies into professions. Hmm... I think I'll vote for Yeedzin, only because I know those kids,lol.

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