June 14, 2009

Google Just Penalized for Changing Blogspot Url

Hello Everyone,
Sorry to Interrupt you but if you have just tune into this blog or coming for the first time... I should say that this was the first URL i have been using it and Recently when i have change to another URL (Visitbhutan.blogspot.com) , My Blog got Penalized by Google, i lost traffic, the New Blog doesn't show in search engine, so i have to switch back to my original URL and i hope it will be normal. Will try to change URL later on when i purchase a domain.

Till then Enjoy your Stay here, Feel Free to have your say... lot of Bhutan Picture to browse for.

In Meantime, I will Visit Paro Rinpung Dzong and get Some Blessing.. While You Guys Stay Here. Be Right Back!!

And This is the One Cool Guy you will ever See in This World - The Bhutanese Phallus - Let This Bring Back Blog Alive!!

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