February 18, 2008

Thimphu Pictures For You - Some of my Collection

Let Me Share you some of My Last Piece of Pictures Left. Some Have been Zoom So High,

Anybody Know This Guy?? , Guess Who???

Thimphu Memorial Chorten - My Favorite Photo

Taj Tashi Hotel - Standing Tall Among Other House

Thimphu Vegetable Market

Yangchenphu Higher Secondary School - Thimphu

Thimphu River Picture
Hotel Riverview - Thimphu


SMD Alumni said...

That's you, isn't it? I got you man. You can hide your face no more now, my friend.
Anyways, Thimphu looks beautiful as usual even though it is bit brown. The winter must have been very harsh to our Bhutan this year.
Has the work at the Chorten been finished yet? The Chorten looks beaufiful too.


Anonymous said...

Hahah Ugyenlad,
Well That isn't me. You Right, The Winter has No mercy on Thimphu, The Green has become Pale, the cold should go now, really hard to be in coldness. The Chorten is not yet completed, still the works is on, should be ready anytime now.!!

SMDers said...

That's not you? Oho!..... I thought it was you was and I was like; "Why did Ugyen have to hide his face? After all he is not that bad looking." hahaha...... You know what I mean? Don't get me wrong here, though. I am just sharing what I think about the picture.
Anyways, it's great to browse this blog. I look forward to seeing more interesting stuff in the blog.
Keep up the spirit, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Hahah Ugyenla,
Well I am Hiding from Someone, They really wanted to know who i am and yeah at times it is good to hide your identity, You are Right - i am ugly cugly looking guy and i should be ashamed of myself showing my Face to Other :-),

Anyway Keep Checking this blog, Today i saw Student Practicing for His Majesty Birthday and i am sure i can get few snap shots of the day.

Ugyen (^_^)

arcibaldo said...

i believe ugyen has a picture in his other website. hahaha he can't hide from that one.

i like the picture of the river. looks clean and refreshing.

SMDers said...

Hey! Ugyen, come on, yeah? Don't be so hard on yourself man. How am I right thinking you are ugly, which I didn't mean to do, anyway? I am sure you are as good looking as your friend (the picture guy) is. Nobody can be ugly if one is from our beautiful Bhutan man. Beautiful Bhutan gives birth only to beautiful people, you see what I am on to?
It's excellent that you can take some snaps of our His Majesty. Make the best use of the day with your camera, my friend. I can't to hear what February the 21st goes like from you lot in Bhutan.


ugyen said...

Hey Arcibald,
You Right, Well I have my pictures posted in one of my blog, Anyway That Thimphu River.

'LOL', okay fine, Well This Ugyen Looks alike like the one in the Pictures and yeah he is not ugly or Bad looking as what you said, Just kidding Man.

I am Looking forward on the 21st February, Maybe i would be lucky tp take some pics

Anonymous said...

great pictures as always.. Next project .. The new vegetable market..
;-) .

ugyen said...

Hahah Akoo,
My Pleasure Man - I Hope It's Helping You Guys, I am at your servant Mr. Akoo :-) :-) Will Try and get few shots of the Veg Market, Some Dry Chillies, Zaw, Red Rice ... and lot's more.

Have fun


arcibaldo said...

that'll be interesting ugyen. it'll really be good if you can show pictures of the diversity of the vegetables and crops being sold in the market.

ugyen said...

Will Do that Post by Saturday or Sunday. Keep Checking later.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, I actually meant i was to see pictures of the new vegetable market which is currently under construction at the old site, not the pictures of the market the temporary site. Great job BTW...


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