January 29, 2008

Miscellaneous Pictures From Thimphu - Capital Of Bhutan

Guys and to Everyone, I Am Pretty Much Bored At This Moment and Thought would put some of My Pictures here - Anyway Just An Announcemnet - "If Anyone is Interested to Visit Bhutan and Want to Know Some Information, Please Fell Free to Contact Me At Any Time , I Would love to Help and Suggest regarding Anything ( Contact Me # howzat@gmail.com)

Signboard Showing the Only Thai Restaurant in Thimphu

A Popular Scene Amongst Bhutanese House Pillar, Door, windows (Lime - Trying to Shine the Pillar - A Trend that Bhutanese Doma (Betel Nuts) Consumer Does Every Corner of the House

"Shut Up" - I Am Eating (A Friend of Mine)
Dragon Portraits - Shoooo


SMD Alumni said...

Hi! Ugyen, Thanks for bring this blog back into live. I didn't realise you were already back. I was almost forgetting about this blog. hahaha....... I am sorry if I shouldn't have mentioned that. Anyways, thanks for the latest posts, which are all fantastic. Please do keep up your great job. After all, it looks like your and my mission is the same i.e. to make our Beloved Bhutan known by the whole world in a very short future. Take some pics of some beautiful village scene, rivers, temples etc and etc. I think the way to Jigmenang from Babesa would a good place to take some pics. But only if you can. There is no any pressure or something from me, my friend. That's all for now. I will write on this blog again later. Bye and take care.
Thanks for your initiative.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ugyen,
Well I Was Scared about this Blog Being Gone Down into Bin as i didn't updated for Couple of weeks, Now I am Back and will keep on Updating, I Will Try and Get the Pictures as you suggested. Keep Checking it - Will Not Let this Blog go on Hunger Strike :-)

SMD Alumni said...

Yeaaaah! Ugyen, I like your spirit. That's what I like to see, my friend. And yeah, I am coming home soon. Of course, I look forward to having fun with beer and hanging out with people. Maybe, we should also see each other. Do let me know if that is possible with you or not. Talk to you again soon. Bye for now.
Peace out from

Anonymous said...

Hey Ugyen,
Well Thanks for your kind words and it does really help me to find out new topic and post. Well will be looking forward for your company when you are home for a drinks or so. Let me know when you are here, hopefully i might be here only.

arcibaldo said...

we missed the pictures in bhutan, good thing the pictures are back. keep the stories and pictures coming.
why not post also about legends or local stories?

SMD Alumni said...

Hi! Ugyen, I can't say anything as for now. I will keep keeping you up to date with what's happening with me through this blog, ok? Thanks for keeping in touch with me. We should definately have fun together in Bhutan man, seriously. What do you say? Anyways, talk to you again soon.
Cheers and peace

ugyen said...

Hey Arciblad,
Thanks A lot man for your Time and the Comment - Indeed I did Missed Posting Pictures and Going Around Thimphu City Looking for Interesting Pictures, hmmm , Well I have no idea of local and legend stories that much - i do know few stories but would take me ages to write it down, May be i can Borrow the Information from Other Resource Site or Website.

Ugyen La,
Well It would be awesome to have a drink or two with you and well i will keep this blog runnin till i lose all my resource, ANyway I am Going to My Village to attend my Cousin Brother 14 Days!!
Will Try and Get few Clips on the way.

SMD Alumni said...

Hi! Ugyen, I will be waiting for the more clips from your way to and fro. Have a nice meeting with your cousin.

Cheers Ugyen:)

PakTeh said...

hello friend. just dropping in, searching about Bhutan. seems that you have put all Bhutan's infos in here. great job. keep on blogging.

Greetings from Malaysia

AnalĂ­a said...

Hey my friend! I droped by just to say I miss you. Hugssssss and kisses

Shahnaz said...

I'm from Bangladesh and will be visiting your lovely country in November. The blog has been most useful.

We are trying to decide between the hotels Pedling and Wangchuk. They both seem to be centrally located. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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