January 26, 2008

Conifers Restaurant - The No 1 Favorite Outdoor Place to Eat in Thimphu

Anyone Thought that What could be the Best Outdoor Restaurant to eat While You are In Thimphu, Indeed there are Plenty full With Their Own cuisine and Menus : Aren't you Aware of Conifers Restaurant Located Just Above the Zangdopelri Shopping Complex in Thimphu.Conifers Restaurant itself is a Brand Derived from Himalayan Tree - Conifers. The One Thing Unique About the Restaurant is the Cone of the Conifers which are Specially Displayed in and Around the Dining. The Dining table has vast are which could easily accommodate 20 - 30 People.

With Highly Trained Chef and Well Dressed Waitress, Conifers Restaurant could be your Favorite Dining Amongst the Best In the Thimphu.

Talking about the Food and Drinks - I am Sure that you will have the Best Bhutanese Food and Continental Suited for Tourist. For Fast Year and So, Conifers Restaurant has boosted the Flock of Tourist and Visitors Daily. The Restaurant has the All Sort of Food and Drinks (Export and Local).

With Affordable Price and The Customer Care Taken by the Conifers Restaurant Staff - You are sure to enjoy Your Meals or Buffet!!! I Had Mine and I am Honored for the Service they Provide - Absolutely Homely!!!

They also Look after Catering Service to office and other Occasion

Want to Make Conifers Restaurant your Favorite Dining Outdoor -
Contact Them at :

Conifers Restaurant
Post Box # 4040
Above Zangdopelri Shopping Complex
Thimphu Bhutan
Tele # +975 - 2 - 332000
Fax # +975 - 2 - 335158

Best Place to Eat out in Thimphu
Conifers Tree - The Restaurant Brand
The Restaurant Lounge Set
Conifer Cone - The Restaurant Brand
Restaurant Counter Desk
The Dining Table
The Brand Conifers Displayed in the Dining
Special Buffet Stand with Conifers Cone Beside
The Restaurant Dining Table

Thimphu Best Restaurant to Eat, Good Restaurant to Eat out in Thimphu. Where to Eat out in Thimphu . Bhutan Best Place to Eat and Dine.


Anonymous said...

not crazy about grandmother style drapes on the mirror but other than that this restaurant is really quite well done. Thanks for posting this.

cosmicdust said...

haha...grandmother style drapes! yeah, they should change that. reminds me of that old lady from tom and jerry...been there for a couple of times. great food! 4 out of five stars!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to eating at Conifers Restaurant someday in a near future. Thanks for the recommendation.
Tashi Delek!

Anonymous said...

Hahah Akooo, Lol - Well Looks like an Grandma Drapes, Anyway The Restaurant is Must Visit for Everyone, Been My Favorite Dining for Couple of Weeks Now.

Yeah Cine - I have 4/5 Rating as well.

Hey Ugyen
Thanks for Checking out and the Wonderful Comment left in Dochula Post, Bhutan is Indeed Beautiful, So You will be Coming Home Soon !!! Looking forward for Chill Beer mate!!!

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